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3 Circuit Global Track

dali global track diagram

3 Circuit Global Track

Product ID: DT.3Circuit

Designed to be compatible with most track lighting fittings.

The track is supplied with a series of accessories that can successfully resolve all kinds of lighting installation requirements.

Available in surface mounted and recessed options.

To configure your track and components, please refer to the downloads section below.

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3 Circuit Global Track data sheet

Product description

Part No.Description
TL-04S1-1-W/B/G3-Circuits Track, 1 meter,(4M Max.) available colors:
Black(RAL9003), White(RAL9004), Grey( RAL7040), 12pcs/ctn
TL-04C2-1-W/B/G3-Circuits Recessed Track, 1 meter, available colors:
Black(RAL9011), White(RAL9016), Grey( RAL7040)
TL-04-R-W/B/G3-Circuits round fixed track fixture
TL-04C/S-JL-W/B/G3 cirucit Live-end connector
TL-04C/S-E-W/B/G 3 cirucit end cap connects to the track section end
TL-04C/S-MI-W/B/G 3 cirucit Mini Joiner. A low profile connector to cleanly and
crisply join two straight track sections end-to-end.
TL-04C/S-I-W/B/G3 cirucit straight connector. To connect two track sections
end-to-end. It provides a center feed option.
TL-04C/S-LL-W/B/G3 cirucit L connector. To connect two track sections at a 90°
TL-04C/S-TL1-W/B/G 3 cirucit T connector. To connect three track sections into a
T configuration.
TL-04C/S-X-W/B/G 3 cirucit "+" connector. To connect four track sections into a
cross configuration.
TL-04C-S-W/B/G3 cirucit flexible connector. To connect two track sections at
any angle upn to 90 degrees or wall to ceiling or pitched
ceiling applications.
TL-04C/S-SK1-W/B/G Ceiling mount, suspension kit with 1.5m wire

For more information, please refer to 3 Circuit Global Track data sheet

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