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De-mystifying lighting

for designers and specifiers

About us

“We love working with Detail Lighting for all our lighting needs. They’re experts in the field and always bring a fresh perspective to our projects.

Plus, their lighting products are top-notch and add the perfect finishing touch to any space. We highly recommend them for anyone looking to up their lighting game.”

Cinzia Moretti, Moretti Interior Design

Lighting designers are focussed more than ever on creating integrated architectural lighting design details. Creating the right ambience in an interior space where we live and work is essential for wellbeing and productivity.

Here at Detail Lighting, our team collaborates with architects, interior designers, specifiers and lighting designers to ensure the lighting designs fulfils a purpose and solves a problem for the client.

We help designers to create beautiful lighting projects

With 25 years experience, we identify some key lighting design tips.

We help you design lighting schemes for walls and artwork pieces, including directional downlighters, dedicated 'wall washers', linear lighting, or another bespoke lighting scheme.

We help you design a lighting scheme that involves the placement of light fixtures for lighting a feature or for orientation.

Our team can give you exact guidance on where to locate your lighting fixtures.

Our team can help you create aesthetically pleasing and functional lighting for staircases.

The lighting solution should be guided by the style of the stairs and the clients thoughts about glare.

Lighting every second or third step is a traditional feature, light should be angled onto treads asymmetrically and should be baffled to minimise glare.

Architectural lighting designers

We bring knowledge and insight into every lighting project

By supporting a varied designer client base, Detail lighting are able to bring tremendous value in developing lighting concepts & designs.

Founded in 2000, we are driven by the needs of the project. We strive to always demonstrate our experience in technical areas of colour temperature, intensity, colour rendering and positioning of light sources; for each and every scheme we are involved with.

We are adaptable, and able to engineer products to the exact dimensions that a designer requires. We can also prepare coloured or plated finishes and other customisation in time and in budget.

Architectural lighting serves to illuminate and enhance building design through carefully design lighting systems.

This is core to our ethos here at Detail Lighting.

If you are looking for a sustainable lighting partner, talk to us

We work with Edge Showroom in London, to promote sustainable lighting with our 'Repair, why replace?' solution.

Providing durable products that can be repaired, upgraded, and refurbished.

We are proud to partner with Edge - London’s first sustainable construction and design showroom

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