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Architectural Ceiling Lights

Architectural ceiling lights play a crucial role in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of a space, and are considered a significant factor in lighting design within interior spaces.
Here at Detail Lighting, we serve to advise interior designers, architects and other design professionals in creating lighting systems that integrate ceiling lights, to enhance projects of all sizes and types.
There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and any architectural ceiling lighting scheme should consider the goals and requirements of a project’s space, as well as the desired atmosphere.

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Ceiling Lights

Architectural Ceiling Lighting Options

Lighting is now an integral part of the commercial and residential interior design process. Our team here at Detail Lighting guide design professionals on how best to incorporate ceiling lighting into lighting schemes.

There are a range of ceiling lighting options to choose from, including downlights, ceiling surface, and track lighting.

Ceiling lights are commonly pendant designs or recessed spotlights such as the Corona Pro or the Voleos Directional IP54 Fire-Rated light. Both these lights are popular with design professionals and integrate into modern interiors.

Aesthetically, the Corona Pro features a trim which you can specify in various RAL finishes, and the Voleos Directional is trimless which has minimal impact on a room’s ceiling.

For a more unique design, surface spotlights are also a popular specification option for design professionals. They can be adjusted to reinvent existing lighting schemes. The Corona Pro Can is a popular choice of a directional surface spotlight with a 35° tilt with a clean, contemporary finish.

Ceiling Lighting Design

Architectural Ceiling Lighting Design Considerations

Architectural ceiling lights are specifically designed to excel in layered lighting, integrating lighting controls, assisting with beam angles, and our technical competence can assist with the placement of lighting fixtures, and much more.

Here are important factors that should be considered when designing ceiling lights into lighting schemes:

Purpose of the room

When deciding where to position lights on a ceiling you should consider the main purpose of the room. Ceiling lights should be located in such a way that they follow the furniture layout, focussing on tables, seating and so on, while also providing adequate task lighting.

Consider the room size and shape

How spaced out should your ceiling lights be? Generally, if you divide the height of your ceiling by two, the answer will be the amount of space required between each downlight. So, if your room is 2.5 metres high, you should position your lights 1.25 metres apart.

If the shape of the room includes recesses, you should position your ceiling lights so that those recesses receive sufficient illumination. 

Highlight focal points of the room 

Architectural features, artwork or furniture pieces can be highlighted with accent lighting such as track lighting. The Danny Max track spotlights with a 70mm or 85mm diameter are ultra-modern and can be adjusted to accentuate specific elements of a room. Position the lights to direct attention towards these elements without creating glare or reflections.

Colour temperature

Be careful with your colour temperature. Warm white (2700K-3000K) is typically recommended for residential settings, while cooler temperatures (3500K-4100K) are better for commercial or contemporary spaces.

Detail Lighting are experts in architectural ceiling lighting design. Our team works with architects, interior designers and lighting specifiers on a daily basis to help them create striking spaces involving architectural ceiling lights.

Popular Architectural Ceiling Lights

Recessed Down Lights: Provide general, diffused light.

Pendant Lights: Decorative fixtures that hang from the ceiling, often used for task lighting.

Track Lighting: Offers adjustable spotlights for highlighting specific areas.

Linear Lighting: Long, sleek fixtures that provide general or task lighting.

Architectural Ceiling Lights FAQs

How can I choose the right Architectural Ceiling Lights for my space?

With over 20 years of experience in architectural lighting, and by supporting a varied designer client base, we are able to bring tremendous value in helping you to develop architectural ceiling lighting concepts & designs.

Do you have a showroom that I can visit?

Yes. Our showroom is located in Clerkenwell, EC1V 4JL. Here, you will find the very latest architectural ceiling light technology, including a range of LED fixtures, bluetooth lighting controls, and other technology. You can see firsthand how lighting can be designed and used to enhance interior spaces.

I can see your products on your website. Do you design and manufacture totally bespoke architectural ceiling lights?

Yes, we do! We regularly engineer complete unique products; this ensures the fixtures are completely bespoke for your project.

Do you install the lighting?

No. We create our lighting design with CAD (computer-aided design) drawings. These will include the technical information such as circuits, fittings locations and the specifications of the lighting to be used. Once our designs are approved, we create detailed drawings and supply all the light fixtures and fittings for the project.

Can we help?

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