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Architectural Interior Lighting

Architectural interior lighting accentuates focal points, draws attention to features and balances light and shade. An architect will design a room with clear architectural lighting requirements tasked with making the aesthetic, ergonomic and functional aspects of the room work together seamlessly.
architectural interior lighting for an apartment

Interior architectural lighting

Why is interior architectural lighting design important? The job of interior architectural lighting is to create height and depth, establish cosy areas and draw attention to the more significant features of the room.
Without interior architectural lighting, a room lacks energy and identity.
As interior architectural lighting specialists - Detail Lighting, works with architects to design and supply lighting that brings their vision to life and maximises the potential of their designs.
Whether it’s to create drama and atmosphere, provide task lighting or to highlight various features in a room, interior architectural lighting has the versatility to provide the icing on the cake when it comes to interior design.

LED Volans lighting cornice

Architectural light fixtures

Detail Lighting supply Linear LED systems. These architectural light fixtures are adaptable to suit any interior design scheme.

The Volans Premium Shelf System illuminates almost any moveable shelf. With CAD (Computer Aided Design) software we can engineer the fixings needed to create bespoke shelving to the required fit.

To create a cosy atmosphere, the LED Volans lighting cornice directs light behind a cornice onto the wall beneath. This architectural light fixture is super-light and supplied pre-primed so that it can be painted onsite to match the rest of the interior.

For clean, seamless shadow gaps, the LED Volans system is the idea solution. It improves the appearance of a room by illuminating spaces between structures to give the aesthetics depth and a more luxurious ambiance.

Bespoke architectural light fixtures from Detail Lighting such as the Linear Bespoke Trough Lighting, produce unique effects. The trough lighting has spotlights that are mains dimmable, mounted on tracks. 

Modern architectural lighting for Edinburgh restaurant

We recently supplied modern architectural lighting for Bonnie & Wild, a destination open plan restaurant in Edinburgh.

For modern architectural lighting in restaurants an innovative approach is required. Each restaurant wants something unique to its competitors. The Detail Lighting design team meets with the client to understand how the lighting needs to work for them both in terms of aesthetics and mood, and the functional use of space.

At Bonnie & Wild, the client was keen to accentuate clear zones of the restaurant with different lighting effects so that they could use different seating layouts as and when required. To achieve this we installed a 240v track with high-powered Danny Max 70 3000K contemporary spotlights to create a variety of beam angles. These spotlights were ideal because they are adjustable with a 90° tilt and 350° rotation.

The modern industrial-style exposed ceiling was the perfect construction to suspend the track at different heights and mounting positions, accentuating the modern industrial look the client had asked for in the brief.

Modern architectural lighting for Edinburgh restaurant

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