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Architectural light fittings for commercial, residential and hospitality interiors

Architectural light fittings play a vital role in creating depth and warmth, whether in an interior or exterior setting.

Architects and designers are focussing more on lighting design than ever before. Effective lighting design in spaces where we live and work is essential for wellbeing and productivity, and creating the right ambience is essential.

Detail Lighting has over 25 years’ experience in creating and delivering architectural lighting for inspirational work and living spaces.

Architectural Lighting Trends

Over the years there have been many different trends in architectural lighting for commercial, residential and hospitality interiors.

Recent trends for commercial lighting or residential lighting design include an emphasis on minimalism, sustainability and functionality; thereby crossing the divide between design and end-user benefits.

An important consideration for designing lighting for the specification process is that the lighting design fulfils a purpose or solves a problem within an interior space.

Lighting should provide suitable lighting levels for people's activity as well as enhancing the character and practicalities of a given environment.

Architectural lighting

Creating a lighting design

The three types of lighting to consider when designing a lighting include ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Depending on which type you integrate into the design will depend on which architectural light fittings you specify.

Task lighting

Task lighting is used to perform a particular task, for example wall lighting can be used to light up art pieces or other wall decorations. These could include our range of ceiling recessed or ceiling surface lights. Task lighting is a crucial part of an ergonomic workstation as it relieves eye strain. LED light fittings are a popular choice for task lights as they are often adjustable and can dim the lighting levels as required by the user.

The LED bulbs are usually less aggressive on our retinas, which brings about health benefits.

Below you will find a selection of our ceiling recessed lights

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting refers to the general luminaires within a room, to provide even, base lighting for visibility. Below is a selection of our wall lighting.

It involves using colour, temperature, and brightness to create a comfortable and even level of light throughout a space. Ceiling lights, wall-mounted fixtures, and recessed spotlights are the popular sources of ambient lighting.

In residential settings, the ambient lighting is usually the main light source in a room, often the ceiling light.

However, in hospitality environments ambient light is usually dimmed to add warmth and depth to a space and encourage customers to relax. And, if they're relaxed, they're more likely to stay longer, and therefore spend more money.

Therefore, lighting designers usually give careful consideration to ambient lighting levels within architectural lighting designs for restaurants and other hospitality settings.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is a popular choice in interiors for highlighting various zones within a space. For example, our low level orientation lighting is used to highlight walkways or floor spaces.

Accent light sources can enhance architectural features of a building. It transforms a feature, such as artwork, furnishings, or architectural elements, into a focal point by drawing attention to it.

For this form of lighting, adjustable fittings are ideal since they allow for precise aiming on small areas or objects.

Accent lighting varies from other types of lighting in that its main goal is to provide an aesthetic focal point for the user by increased ratio of brightness. It adds beauty and drama to a space, and is particularly well suited to living and garden areas, entrances, and other areas where distinguishing features are on display.

Recessed ceiling lights, track lights, and wall-mounted luminaires can be tilted and directed to create a focus in living or common areas.

Energy saving lighting

Due to the focus on energy saving, an area that has seen a huge increase in demand is interior LED lighting. LED bulbs use 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. Although they cost more to buy, the energy savings and exceptional life span have made LED bulbs the future of home and commercial lighting.

Architectural LED linear lighting

Architectural linear LED lighting is a hugely popular choice for lighting designers and specifiers alike in their lighting project designs. The slimline profiles allow attractive light to be spread in a multitude of spaces. This could be applications such as discreet accent lighting under cabinets and bookcases, to slot recessed wall light applications. Linear LED lighting brings a unique aesthetic appeal to the surrounding area, enhancing the architectural features of a given space.

Our Volans range of LED linear lighting profiles is available in suspended and surface mounted options, giving specifiers a flexible array of choice for their lighting projects.

Interior LED Lighting Specialists

As specialists in the design and supply of interior LED lighting, Detail Lighting has vast experience in the more technical areas of interior LED lighting. These include colour temperature, intensity, colour rendering, and the positioning of the light source.

Linear LED lighting is not a new trend in architectural lighting, but it continues to be popular due to its versatility. Linear LED systems can be recessed, surface-mounted or suspended for commercial lighting in offices and shops, following the architectural contours of ceilings, floors and walls.

In residential lighting, Linear LED systems can be used for illuminating statement features, as task lighting in kitchens and bathrooms, or integrated in shelving, staircases or walls.

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