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The fundamentals of residential lighting design

Architectural lighting is now an integral part of modern building design. A cohesive, contemporary lighting design transforms modern buildings to meet the ever rising expectations of commercial and residential property owners.

Architectural lighting design for modern buildings

Architectural lighting design for modern buildings uses four main lighting types: ambient, task, decorative and accent. These are often mixed to create contemporary layered lighting that optimises the effectiveness of the architectural lighting scheme.

  • Ambient lighting – general lighting for illumination and visibility
  • Task lighting – to illuminate a task surface or tiny objects
  • Decorative lighting – non-essential lighting used to create design concepts
  • Accent lighting – to emphasise architectural features or specific areas

Detail Lighting are commissioned by interior designers and architects to assist and create architectural lighting designs for modern buildings, as well as supplying high quality lighting products.

Architectural lighting design for modern buildings

Modern architectural lighting fixtures

Modern architectural lighting fixtures are very much based around LED technology as this is far more energy efficient and cost effective than traditional fluorescent and halogen alternatives.

With a focus on the convenience and energy saving benefits of smart controls and sensors, LED lighting offers users of modern buildings a more flexible, responsive experience.

Uplights, downlights, wall washing spots, track lights and directional lighting all create the right mood and aesthetic in modern buildings, while linear LEDs in shelving, under cabinets, along floors and in cupboards provide the practical lighting and versatility that users of modern buildings expect.

Modern architectural lighting fixtures also extend a nod to more traditional lighting fixtures with contemporary chandeliers, ceiling mounted fixtures, lamps and lanterns.

Sustainable lighting design for modern architecture

LED lighting is not only a practical and effective element of an architectural lighting design scheme, it is also the sustainable choice for modern architecture. Sustainable lighting design for modern architecture has become increasingly important in recent years.

LED lightbulbs can last at least 14 years if used for ten hours a day. This reduces waste and the overall carbon footprint of a building. Most LED bulbs are also recyclable.

Sustainable lighting – our approach

Detail Lighting have a proactive approach to the design and use of sustainable lighting. We take a lifetime responsibility for supporting our products and reducing waste. We are proud Lumicom members and advocate a ‘Repair Why Replace?’ strategy by repairing key components, upgrading where possible, avoiding embodied carbon and recycling in accordance with WEEE directives (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

We design our products to be serviced, upgraded, reused and refurbished, and all our products are labelled with repair and recycling instructions.

Why work with us?

At Detail Lighting we have a team of experienced engineers and problem solvers who understand the requirements and impact of architectural lighting design for modern buildings.

We work with designers and architects to create innovative architectural lighting schemes that meet the client brief, providing a consultative approach throughout the process.

If you would like to work with us, or have a conversation around your project, please get in touch by completing our contact form or call us on 01908 613256.

Can we help?

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