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Ceiling recessed lights

Ceiling recessed lights provide an unobtrusive, versatile lighting option that has increased in popularity in both residential and commercial settings over recent years.

In spaces where an even spread of illumination is required without impacting on the design of the room, ceiling recessed lights are the perfect solution. They can be used on their own or as part of a layered lighting scheme.
Ceiling recessed lights in the shower

Ceiling recessed downlights

Ceiling recessed downlights are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and increasingly in living areas of residential settings. And commercial environments such as offices, leisure facilities, hospitality venues and public buildings.

Detail Lighting supply a selection of ceiling recessed downlights, suitable for a wide range of applications.

A ceiling recessed downlight consists of:

  •  a mounting frame placed between joists to securely hold the light in the ceiling
  •  cylindrical housing available in various sizes
  •   a trim which is the visible element of the fixture, made in a range of materials and colours

Some ceiling recessed downlights are available as trimless units, providing a truly hidden light source.

How to choose the right downlight for your project

When deciding on the right downlight for your project, there are a few questions to consider:

  • The space the downlight needs to illuminate
  • The fixture size and housing you’re looking for
  • What type of light beam required, narrow spot, medium or diffused wide beam
  • What kind of light-sources you need – dimmable or non-dimmable,
  • The kind of trim, if any, that would be best for complementing the design of your room

The room you will be using the downlight in will influence your choice, including its size, the amount of natural light it gets and how much coverage you need.

Standard, shallow and deep housing options are available for downlights so you need to be clear on which you need to create the desired effect, and which are compatible with the building.

The trim defines the finish and determines the overall look of the light and ambience of the room. Recessed lighting trims are available in a range of sizes, materials, styles and colours to accommodate personal preferences.


ceiling recessed light in livingroom

Featured ceiling downlights

The Voleos Directional IP54 downlight  is a round, trimless recessed downlight that is dimmable and adjustable to a 25° tilt and 350° rotation.

The Corona Mini is a popular and discreet downlight, with small dimensions. It features anti-glare lighting and is good for high-lighting art and wall-washing.


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