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Commercial Kitchen Lighting

Design principles for commercial kitchen lighting applications centre around enhancing the space and functionality within the interior space, allowing kitchen and restaurant staff to operate efficiently at their particular tasks.

LED lighting elements such as recessed and surface lighting are popular in designing overall schemes, with warm tones and well lit areas.

Detail Lighting are commercial lighting consultants with decades of experience in implementing effective architectural lighting design principles within commercial kitchen environments.

We offer high quality lighting products as well as design support to interior designers, architects, property developers and contractors to create the most suitable, cost-effective and sustainable lighting schemes in commercial properties.

To arrange a consultation for your project, get in touch using our online form or by calling 01908 613256. 

Restaurant Lighting

Commercial kitchen lighting trends

Many restaurants in the UK have recently begun following an open kitchen trend. There has been recent movement toward the open kitchen concept, where food is prepared and cooked in plain sight of the diners. 

This concept invites diners to experience the restaurant’s hygiene, professionalism and culinary excellence. Some well-known establishments have even gone one step further than this, with the chefs providing entertainment whilst cooking for the guests.

Commercial kitchen lighting plays an important role in this concept. Not only is it important for health and safety reasons, but it is also a huge part of the design and overall aesthetic of the restaurant.

Kitchens need adequate and ample lighting for the chefs and other kitchen team members to be able to carry out their tasks in a safe and effective manner. Aside from the regulatory emergency fire lighting, what other lighting is best for commercial kitchens?

Recessed lighting and drop ceiling surface lights are great options for commercial kitchens, due to being able to illuminate the space adequately and for ease of cleaning.

commercial kitchen lighting

Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Our range of commercial lighting fixtures is vast, especially when all of our products are customisable to colour (RAL finish), light source, colour temp, beam angle, controls and optional accessories. Our range includes:

How to Specify Commercial Kitchen Lighting Systems

Commercial kitchen lighting design principles are based on key considerations, including:

  • The use of daylight, including its changes throughout the day
  • Drawing attention to specific spaces, elements of architecture or features
  • Safety measures including orientation lighting, avoiding glare and illuminating outdoor areas


Drawing on these considerations, and the basic elements of ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting, clarifies the lighting design requirements for your project.

Task lighting is an important consideration, where kitchen staff need adequate lighting in order to help them complete their duties.

Surface lighting or even downlights will be effective here, which will provide an effective light source for the kitchen environment.

As mentioned previously, open kitchens are increasingly popular within commercial establishments. With this in mind, lighting colour is an important consideration. 

Colour rendering is used within architectural designs and commercial kitchen environments to enhance and transform a particular space. This is why architects, interior designers and property developers prioritise colour in lighting design.

People and food look better under warm lighting so lower temperatures on the Kelvin scale are usually specified for commercial kitchens and restaurant environments. We recommend specifying lighting around the 2700K range.

When specifying for a commercial kitchen, choose lighting products that are easy for the team to clean, easy access for bulb replacement, and that are wholly safe in that they are shatterproof. 

Commercial Lighting at Kitchens by Holloways

Why Work With Detail Lighting For Your Next Commercial Kitchen Lighting Project?

Detail Lighting has a collaborative team with over 25 years of industry experience. We are problem solvers and innovators who work with specifiers such as interior designers and architects to design original commercial kitchen lighting schemes.

For more information about how we can work with you on your next commercial lighting project, contact us using our online form.

Commercial Kitchen Lighting FAQs

Are you commercial kitchen lighting products certified in any way?

ISO 9001 is the internationally acknowledged standard for the certification of quality management systems. The guidelines ensure the compliance of quality standards in different areas of the company, to enable them to offer some of the finest lighting available.

Who do you work with?

We work with interior designers and architects, helping them to bring their lighting visions to life by providing them with lighting guidance and products.

Do you help with the design of the lighting?

Yes, that’s our speciality! As well as supplying them.

I have a commercial kitchen lighting design project coming up, can I discuss this with you?

Of course you can, we’d love to be a part of your upcoming project. Just get in touch here, or book in for a consultation. 

Can we help?

For a no-obligation chat about your architectural lighting designs, please contact us using our online form, by email at, or by calling 01908 613256.

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