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Commercial LED outdoor lighting

Commercial LED outdoor lighting systems are increasingly popular with businesses that want a more stylish, practical and sustainable lighting option within their outside environment.

LED lighting has transformed commercial spaces in recent years and provided many benefits to organisations and design professionals due to its energy and carbon footprint reduction and cost-reducing credentials.

Commercial buildings use a lot of energy so LED outdoor lighting enhances a business’s profits while reducing its environmental impact.

Detail Lighting are commercial LED outdoor lighting specialists. Demand for commercial LED outdoor lighting has increased as companies and design professionals have come to realise the benefits of well-designed commercial LED outdoor lighting systems.
Commercial LED outdoor lighting front of retail store

Commercial LED outdoor lighting

LED outdoor lighting for commercial applications is tailored to specific requirements.

These include practical requirements such as safety, security and waymarking, as well as aesthetic standards that make a building welcoming and impressive to outsiders. 

Current trends in commercial lighting systems have been influenced with changes in the use and management of commercial spaces such as offices, retail outlets, schools, hotels, and leisure facilities.

Examples of types of outdoor lighting are spotlights, flood lights, uplights, downlights, bollards, string lights and step lights.

Commercial lighting fixtures come in a range of styles and specifications, each with a particular job to do. Contemporary lanterns or lighting effects such as the Chambers square wall mounted LED fixture or the Henry LED fixture add a modern twist to outside spaces, and are a popular lighting feature among designers and architects.

A more subtle wall night light such as the Viale light fixture is low glare and ideal for illuminating pathways.


Commercial LED outdoor lighting

Environmentally friendly commercial outdoor lighting

Implementing environmentally friendly commercial outdoor lighting, such as LED lighting systems, has become a basic element of corporate responsibility for organisations keen to reduce their carbon footprint and project a green brand identity. 

Environmentally friendly commercial outdoor LED lighting uses less energy and lasts much longer than traditional exterior lighting. This reduces energy costs, carbon footprint, ongoing maintenance, and the cost of replacing or upgrading bulbs and lighting systems.


Lighting large open spaces


Lighting large open spaces in commercial settings such as retail units, car parks and warehouses are usually based around security and safety.

Motion sensors and dusk-dawn sensors reduce energy waste. They can be set to emit no light at all, or to only emit dimmed light at certain times. Ambient lighting can be set using different switches to security lighting so that it can be turned off out of operating hours.

To illuminate large open spaces it is advisable to use a mix of outdoor surface lights and outdoor recessed light fixtures including path lights, hanging lights, wall lights, post lights, step lights and landscape lights. 


Commercial exterior wall lights


Commercial exterior wall lights are ideal for safety, security and guidance, but they can also be used to create a welcoming ambiance and aesthetic charm.

Designs can vary from the traditional looking Sylvie wall light which is constructed of brass and frosted glass, to the more contemporary, anti-glare, die-cast aluminium Tube IP54 wall light that emits a discreet, on-trend up and down lighting effect.

When deciding on commercial exterior wall lights you must consider their IP rating. IP stands for Ingress Protection of electrical enclosures from dust, rain, moisture and termites. It is recommended that exterior wall lights are IP44 rated or above, which verifies the fixture is protected from water spray from any direction.

The Chambers square wall light has high weather protection with a rating of IP65 and offers a 200° lighting effect.

Commercial LED outdoor lighting

Commercial lighting to light the way

Our Jay Post lights are a popular way to provide direction and guidance while also acting as a barrier, increasing outdoor visibility and safety while also lowering energy costs.

These sleek lights are ideal for more strategic lighting placements such as walkways, entrances/exits, parking, and public spaces to provide optimal illumination and safety. The Jay Post’s remote control allows for individual fixture dimming and recommends a distance of 2.5 to 4 metres between fixtures for consistent lighting without blinding.



 What is the lifespan of commercial LED outdoor lights?

Traditional lighting sources have a shorter lifespan than commercial LED outdoor lights. LED outdoor lighting has an average lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which can result in significant cost savings over time as fewer replacements are required.

However, factors such as heat, humidity, and exposure to the elements can reduce the lifespan of lighting. It is critical to properly maintain and clean the lighting to extend its lifespan.

Commercial LED outdoor lights, in general, are a more durable and long-lasting option for outdoor lighting than traditional lighting sources, making them an excellent investment for businesses and municipalities.

Is it possible to dim LED outdoor lighting?

Yes, you can dim LED outdoor lighting with a compatible dimmer switch. However, not all LED lights are compatible with all types of dimmer switches, so it is critical to select LED lights and dimmer switches that are compatible. Dimming LED outdoor lighting can help to save energy while also providing a more personalised lighting experience.

Can LED outdoor lights be combined with solar power?

Yes. Solar-powered LED outdoor lighting converts sunlight into energy, which is then stored in a battery and used at night to power the LED lights. Solar-powered LED outdoor lighting is a sustainable and cost-effective option for areas without power.


Detail Lighting for your outdoor commercial project


Choose Detail Lighting to design the most cost-effective, high performance lighting system for your outdoor commercial project. Our team of designers are problem solvers and advocates who offer a wide range of sustainable lighting, offering designs that futureproof your environmental impact.