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Commercial sustainable lighting design

Commercial sustainable lighting design is a hot topic for specifiers across UK commercial construction and renovation projects, regardless of the project size or location.

Commercial sustainable lighting design is focused on innovation, energy efficient products and best practices that reduce a commercial building’s impact on the environment.

Lighting is responsible for 5% of global CO₂ emissions. By integrating energy efficient products such as LEDs (light emitting diodes), smart technology and layered lighting into a new build or renovation, sustainable lighting is instrumental in reducing that statistic.

Commercial sustainable lighting design

Sustainable lighting design principles

The key sustainable lighting design principles are:

  • Incorporating natural daylight in lighting design to reduce the need for artificial lighting.
  • The use of energy efficient light sources such as LEDs rather than traditional light bulbs.
  • Using smart technology to control energy use. Controls such as dimmers, sensors, timers and apps can combine to create a truly sustainable lighting design scheme.
  • Only using materials that have a minimal impact on the environment, such as recycled, renewable, biodegradable and recycled materials. Products that use mercury, lead or PVC should be avoided. All materials should be durable to reduce replacement rates.
  • Advocacy of the circular economy principle that reduces the negative impacts of the life cycle of lighting design from the extraction of raw materials through to disposal, while also reusing, refurbishing and repairing existing lighting systems.

Designing lighting schemes for commercial spaces

When designing lighting schemes for commercial spaces, visual comfort, energy efficiencies and long term sustainability strategies must all come into play.

A layering of ambient, accent and task lighting will create a healthy environment for users and ensure that energy efficiencies are achieved.

For the most effective sustainable lighting scheme for a commercial space, the purpose and function of each room or area needs to be fully understood. For example, task lighting will be more prevalent around workstations while ambient lighting will be more suitable for social areas.

Attention to branding and aesthetics will ensure that the sustainable design lighting scheme authentically represents the client’s culture.

Repair why replace  – our sustainable lighting policy

At Detail Lighting we have decades of experience in sustainable lighting design. We advocate a ‘repair, why replace?’ policy. Our lighting products are designed to be re-used and refurbished, as well as easily serviced and upgraded. Refurbishing, rather than buying new lighting products produces far fewer carbon emissions.

Commercial sustainable lighting design projects

Take a look at some of our commercial sustainable lighting design projects. At the London Dock Rum Factory we re-engineered the existing lighting, while at Vita Boutique Fitness for our commercial sustainable lighting design we introduced a blend of light sources using smart controls.

Why work with Detail Lighting for your commercial lighting project?

Detail Lighting are innovative experts in inspirational sustainable lighting for commercial spaces. We work with specifiers to design bespoke lighting schemes that are kind to the environment and meet the client brief. Contact us on 01908 613256 for more information.


Why are LEDs better for the environment?

LEDs produce less heat and more light. They use around 85% less electricity compared to traditional light bulbs.

Under your ‘repair, why replace?’ policy can I contact you when my lighting needs to be updated?

Yes we encourage you to do so! See more information here.

How do I know how to recycle my lighting products?

All of our products are labelled with repair and recycling instructions.

Best practices for sustainable lighting design

Sustainable lighting products

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