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De-mystifying lighting guide

9 common issues explained for designing lighting projects for interior designers, architects and the design community

We are adaptable, and able to engineer products to the exact dimensions that a designer requires. We can also prepare coloured or plated finishes and other customisation on time and in budget.

Many of the products on our website, can be customised to suit your project requirements.

Our designs are adaptable to exact dimensions, finishes and other customisation requirements.

Common lighting issues…explained

  • How to light walls / vertical features and artwork?
  • Why use lights in the floor? And where to position them?
  • How to light stairs?
  • Where to position lights on the ceiling?
  • How to maximise lighting controls?
  • What colour of light do I need?
  • How do I select beam angles?
  • Should I use recess spots or something else?
  • Explanation of layers of light
brochure of de-mystifying lighting design

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