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Dimmable LED lighting

Dimmable LED lighting presents a wealth of options for how a room can be lit. Whether it’s to balance the intensity of artificial light with the available natural daylight or to create a particular mood, dimmable LED lighting provides the versatility needed for interior lighting design.

Dimmable LED lighting is most commonly found in any location that benefits from a change in ambiance or the option to adjust the intensity of lighting for different activities or times of day. Commercial and industrial spaces are increasingly using dimmable LED lighting. Companies are becoming more proactive in supporting the mental and physical health of employees and realise that uncontrolled bright lights can cause headaches, anxiety or affect quality of work.
Commercial Lighting

Dimmable LED lighting - what you need to know before specifying for your project


Not all LED lights are dimmable. If dimmable LED lighting is being installed for existing LED light fittings, customers should check if their fittings are compatible with dimmer switches before specifying a project.

There are two types of dimmers: leading-edge dimmers and trailing edge dimmers. Leading-edge dimmers have been used to dim traditional, non-LED bulbs for some time so cater for a high wattage range of around 250W to 1000W. Trailing edge dimmers are known as LED-ready dimmers. They have been specifically designed to work with LED light bulbs with a much lower wattage requirement. 

Dimming is provided through two main methods: Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and analogue dimming. Whereas analogue dimming varies the output of power to dim LEDs, PWM dimming is a rapid sequence of on and off switches. For example for 70% brightness with PWM the bulb will be on for 70% of the time. A purpose made dimmer switch and a quality driver (transformer) will ensure no flicker will appear in the lighting at any dimming level.


dimmable LED bulbs in the bedroom

Benefits of using dimmable LED bulbs


  • Dimmable LED bulbs instantly change the mood of the room without the need to purchase additional lighting fixtures
  • Dimmable LED bulbs provide effective accent lighting that creates different zones in a room
  • Dimmable LED bulbs can be used to draw attention to specific items such as artwork or decorative features
  • The option to dim lights in commercial spaces improves productivity
  • Homeworkers can use dimmable lighting to alternate the use of a room from a workspace to a place to relax or cook
  • By dimming LED lights, energy savings are made which reduces cost and carbon footprint.

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