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Importance of lighting in interior design

The importance of lighting in interior design has increased in recent years, with the focus for interior designers and architects to create interior spaces for clients that are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Lighting creates mood and ambiance, defines zones in a room, facilitates practical tasks and creates safe spaces.

Detail Lighting are expert lighting suppliers and designers. We work with interior designers, architects, and other design professionals where we detail lighting schemes, provide technical design assistance, as well as high quality and stylish lighting components to help realise your lighting interior design vision.

Importance of lighting in interior design

Importance of lighting in interior design - overview

The importance of lighting in interior design cannot be overstated. It affects mood, comfort and, on a functional level, safety. Architectural lighting design enhances architectural features and maximises the use of the space for its occupants.

By creating the desired ambiance, lighting in interior design transforms a space from being unwelcoming to warm and inviting. In commercial spaces, lighting enhances productivity and wellbeing.

Best practices for lighting in interior design

Best practices for lighting in interior design begin with maximising natural daylight. By directing natural light into a room, the requirement for artificial light reduces which creates healthier environments.

From there, you should make a clear lighting plan based on the activities that normally take place in a room. Include style, scale, output and colour temperatures.

Choose the bulbs that will create the effect you need. For this you should consider the wattage, energy efficiency, positioning and temperature.

For commercial spaces, using lighting for waymarking both for interior and exterior spaces is essential for safety.

How to light walls and vertical features

To light walls and vertical features, downlights should be mounted 5000mm from the wall to achieve circular pools of light or to feature artwork.

For more coverage, wall-washers can be mounted 700mm from the wall to provide an even distribution of light from top to bottom. Alternatively, a linear profile can be mounted 500-600mm from the wall.

Where to position lights on the floor

For orientation or step changes, lights should be positioned as close to the edge of the floor area as possible. The brightness should be low to avoid glare.

To frame an entrance or window bay, or to highlight a feature, in-ground lighting should be positioned 50-150mm from the wall.

Where to position lights on the ceiling

On ceilings, lights should follow the furniture layout. In bathrooms, ceiling lights should be directed onto the face, and in kitchens the light should never be positioned behind someone working at the kitchen counter.

Layered lighting techniques

Layered lighting is key to interior design. Balancing ambient (general) lighting with task lighting and accent lighting (that highlights architecture and features of a room) will create the desired environment that can be easily modified by the user to create different ambiances as and when required.

Interior design LED lighting

Interior design LED lighting has made lighting energy-efficient and long lasting. LED lighting uses up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting which reduces energy costs and carbon footprint. Detail Lighting advocate the use of sustainable lighting across all of our projects.

Architectural lighting fixtures

Architectural lighting fixtures are used to highlight areas and features of a room to create mood while also facilitating activities. Typical architectural lighting fixtures are recessed lighting, lighting tracks, wall sconces, low-level lighting and uplighting, downlights, linear LED lighting, spotlights, and wall washing.


Why work with Detail Lighting for your interior design lighting project?

By working with Detail Lighting for your interior design lighting project you are entering into a valuable partnership that will help you achieve your interior design goals. We work with specifiers across all elements of interior design and property development to help bring carefully crafted design to life.


How can you help make my interior design sustainable?

By providing energy-saving lighting products and advocating our ‘repair why replace’ policy. Find out more here.

Do you also help with outdoor lighting projects?

Yes, take a look at our outdoor lighting products.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes, get in touch to arrange a chat, or for any other assistance you may need.

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