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Importance of lighting in interior design

Lighting has become a primary focus for interior designers of both residential and commercial space, who work with their clients towards the primary goal of enhancing interior spaces through lighting design principles.

The importance of lighting in interior design is evident in the increasing number of fixtures, applications and technologies that are available for specifiers to choose from. Lighting creates mood and ambiance, defines zones in a room, facilitates practical tasks and creates safe spaces.

Detail Lighting are expert lighting suppliers. We work with interior designers, architects, and other design professionals where we detail lighting schemes, provide technical design assistance, as well as high quality and stylish lighting components to help realise your design vision.

Architectural lighting best practices

Role of lighting designers

Lighting designers know how to create multifunctional spaces through a range of lighting applications. Understanding how to achieve layered lighting through a combination of ambient, accent and task lighting, enables lighting designers to help specifiers achieve their design concepts.

Detail Lighting is a lighting design team with decades of experience in helping interior designers, property developers, architects, and contractors to create bespoke lighting schemes for their clients.

Impact of daylight in design

Incorporating daylight into an interior design scheme is vital for optimum impact. Natural light is essential for mental wellbeing and productivity. In a design scheme it dictates where and how artificial lighting is needed, and it shapes form, including waymarking. Maximising daylight also reduces energy consumption, making the overall scheme more environmentally sound.

Significance of artificial light

While daylight is hugely important for interior design, the significance of artificial light cannot be underestimated.

Artificial light enhances spaces that receive poor levels of daylight, and illuminates both internal and external spaces during the night, allowing us to carry on working or completing other daily tasks safely and without disruption.

Decorative and architectural lighting

Decorative and architectural lighting shouldn’t become confused. They enhance interior design schemes in contrasting ways.

Examples of decorative lighting applications are lamps, artwork lights and pendants that are used to create decorative accents, establish ambiance and focal points, and facilitate tasks.

Architectural lighting focuses on the function and design of a space, highlights architectural features, and emphasises layouts which is particularly important in contemporary, open plan buildings.

Quality of light in design

Good quality of light, which often comes down to colour and temperature, is essential in interior design. Light that is too dim or too harsh can cause mood swings, tiredness and migraines.

The colour and temperature of light should be determined by the function of the room and its purpose or purposes. Certain cool colours, for example greens, blues, and some greys, look washed out under warm light, and lose vibrancy. However cool colours make people appear washed out and pale.

We recommend that traditional interiors, residential and commercial, should be around 2700K to enhance the atmosphere and create a comfortable space. Sometimes, designers working on certain commercial projects e.g. retail spaces, opt for a more clinical appearance to highlight the products on show. In which case lighting levels around 4000K may be suitable.

Through the use of smart controls, the quality of light can be managed to accommodate different uses of the space and fluctuating levels of natural light. Here, commercial spaces require a tuneable light where the users can opt for cool light levels in summer and warmer light levels in winter.

Collaboration with lighting designers

By collaborating with lighting designers like Detailed Lighting, specifiers can receive professional guidance that will help them make informed decisions around the most appropriate lighting for their design concept. Detail Lighting regularly collaborate with specifiers on design projects of varying types and sizes.


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