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LED lighting solutions for commercial spaces

LED lighting solutions for commercial spaces are now commonplace as businesses strive to enhance their interior spaces while operating more sustainably.

The energy saving properties, durability and cost-effectiveness of LED light bulbs make LED lighting installations the ideal choice for businesses keen to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their bottom line.

Detail Lighting supplies stylish, high quality lighting products that can be integrated and specified into interior design concepts, as well as complying with commercial lighting regulations.

LED lighting solutions for commercial spaces

LED lighting solutions for commercial spaces

Detail Lighting design and supply LED lighting schemes for commercial spaces. We transform the interior and exterior of commercial buildings through carefully designed LED lighting solutions that benefit users.

Our range of Linear LED lighting systems are popular among interior designers. The Volans LEDLine IP68 is a sealed flexi LED lighting strip which is made and supplied to measure, meaning it can be made to your exact project requirements. The lighting strip is perfect for stairs or behind recessed areas such as reception counters. And because it is IP68 rated it is resistant to water and dust (water resistant in fresh water up to a maximum depth of 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes).

Another popular LED light is the Danny Air Surface. The stylish ceiling surface spotlight fixture is ideal for task lighting or highlight various architectural features within a room. It is a stylish light fixture that is popular with designers, that is also adaptable and can be specified to match your project requirements. You can specify it in either Black 10, White 11, or any RAL colour, and regarding colour light temperature you can have from a warmer 2700K right through to a more clinical 4000K.

You can integrate the latest in LED lighting controls with the Danny Surface Air, including DALI, Bluetooth, or a phase dimming driver.

Benefits of LED lighting for commercial interiors

LED lighting in commercial interiors offers an impressive return on investment for savvy businesses looking at long term benefits. An LED lighting scheme in a commercial building can reduce energy bills by 80%. This is because the amount of energy required by an LED lightbulb to emit the same amount of light as a traditional lightbulb is far less.

Consequently, lower energy consumption reduces the company’s carbon footprint. At a time when businesses are expected to operate sustainably, this is a huge long-term benefit of LED lighting in commercial interiors.

LED bulbs also last far longer than traditional bulbs. They can last as long as 14 – 15 years, or for 50,000 hours of use, so the frequency of replacing the bulbs in a commercial interior LED lighting scheme is far less than traditional light installations. This saves the cost of the replacement and the labour required for maintenance.

Studies have shown that LED lighting provides a similar effect to natural daylight which helps improve wellbeing and mental health at work. LED lighting makes workers feel more energised and motivated which leads to improved productivity.

Commercial lighting fixtures

The choice of commercial lighting fixtures varies depending on the purpose, layout and natural light available in a commercial interior.

Detail Lighting supply downlights, low level lights and uplighting, contemporary lighting tracks which are particularly popular for retail and hospitality venues, and linear LED lighting for a multitude of purposes in commercial spaces.

Art lighting is used to highlight artwork, sculptures and other feature elements of a commercial space, while wall lighting enhances wall coverage and architectural elements of a room. Outdoor lighting is installed for security purposes, and also to add warmth to the exterior of a commercial building to make it more attractive and welcoming.

Our commercial architectural lighting projects

Detail Lighting commercial architectural projects demonstrate how we design each project to the bespoke needs of the client. Examples of our commercial architectural lighting projects include a workspace lighting installation at the Dock Rum Factory, and a smart controlled lighting scheme for a high-end fitness studio, Vita Boutique Fitness.

Both projects took place in London for clients from very different business sectors, each with unique premises and lighting requirements.

Why work with Detail Lighting for your next commercial lighting project?

Detail Lighting have a collaborative team with over 25 years of industry experience. We are problem solvers and innovators who work with specifiers such as interior designers and architects to design original commercial architectural lighting schemes.

For more information about how we can work with you on your next commercial lighting project, contact us using our online form.

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