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LED linear lighting strips

LED linear lighting strips are extremely versatile and can be used in both residential and commercial settings with stunning effect. The LED lighting can be integrated into architecture and joinery to create depth and lighting layers, or to provide practical lighting solutions.
From one extended unit, linear LED lighting strips offer endless design opportunities. They create shapes, shadows, and the illusion of space to achieve a range of atmospheres and effects.
Detail Lighting are specialists in the design and supply of LED linear lighting. We stock a range of linear LED systems that are extensively used in commercial, education and residential settings.
led linear lighting strips close up

Architectural LED linear lighting strips

LED linear lighting strips are a leading design choice in architectural lighting. As a welcome alternative to flickering fluorescent tubes, the flexible strips are integrated into the architecture and profiles of a room to effectively diffuse light. Concealed in joinery or shelving, architectural LED linear lighting strips offer a continuous line of light.
The use of architectural LED linear lighting strips doesn’t only provide practical solutions. Architectural LED linear lighting can be design-led to provide mood layers of light in a room using recessed linear lighting, pendant linear lighting or linear suspension lighting. For outside spaces, LED linear lighting strips are used to illuminate pathways or create dramatic accents of a building’s exterior.
The flexibility of the LED linear strips allows for them to be installed in curved or linear profiles, giving designers a wealth of design possibilities. The environmental and financial benefits of LED technology contribute to the popularity of architectural LED linear strips.

linear led lighting in the meeting room

Types of linear LED strip lighting

Recessed linear LED strip lighting is integrated into ceilings and walls. Very much a design-led aesthetic application, recessed linear LED strip lighting provides a glow around fixtures to create unobtrusive light that blends seamlessly into a ceiling or wall surface.

Pendant linear LED lighting has LED strip lighting displayed around the edge of the pendants to create statement pieces with a continuous line of accent lighting. Pendant linear LED lighting is suspended by wires and therefore most suitable for interiors that have a significant amount of ceiling height.

Surface mounted linear LED strip lighting is wall or ceiling mounted. Low ceilings where space is at a premium have surface mounted linear LED strip lighting rather than pendant lighting. Surface mounted linear LED strip lighting is extensively used in commercial spaces but is steadily infiltrating residential interior design.

led linear lighting strips in the wardrobe

Volans Premium Warm linear flexible LED strip

Detail Lighting supply and recommend the Volans Premium Warm linear flexible LED strip, which is a clear, CR190 system that is dimmable from 1800 to 3000K. The strip is 10mm wide, of a PVC/plastic mix with 4oz copper conductions, supplied with a 1m attached power lead.

With 62.5mm cutting centres, the Volans Premium Warm linear flexible LED strip is ideal for long runs. The dimmable warm glow provides a range of mood settings, and the system can be used for all general lighting applications including wet areas.

linear led lighting strips

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