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Lighting design in London’s residential and commercial spaces

Lighting design in London has become a major part of renovation and new-build projects across the city. To maximise the impact of interior design, architectural lighting should be incorporated into the very early planning stages of any residential or commercial fit-out. From our studio in St John’s Square London, Detail Lighting has been involved in many London based fit-out projects. These include residential lighting, hospitality lighting and landscape lighting.
lighting design in London in commercial spaces

Residential lighting

The cost of London properties and the fees payable for buying and selling them has led to an increase in residential property refurbishments. This may be adding an extension, changing the layout or updating the interior and exterior.

Pictured right: We supplied a range of architectural lighting for an apartment block in Canary Wharf. We collaborated with Bowler James Brindley. Watch our architectural light fittings in the video below.

lighting design in London residential apartments
architectural lighting design London

Hospitality lighting

Lighting design within London hospitality venues can directly impact trade. Lighting is key to creating atmosphere. Choosing a hotel, restaurant, bar or café is often an emotive choice, and consumers will choose against a venue if it is too bright or dark, or the styling isn’t right for their visit. Architectural lighting design determines the most suitable fixtures for hospitality venues, their clientele, and their brand identity. These can range from unnoticeable, practical light fittings to decorative lamps, chandeliers and other design-led fittings. Installing the most suitable lighting fixtures in hospitality venues will make a significant difference to customer experience.

Landscape lighting

With outside space at a premium in London residential properties, homeowners are keen to enhance the external area they have. Designers of landscape lighting, or garden lighting, will use spotlights, floodlights, inground lighting and post lights to create a welcoming outside space, no matter how big or small it may be. For landscape lighting at commercial sites, the architect or designer will need to consider the cabling infrastructure that will make the scheme work. There should also be allowances for future external lighting needs. The cabling structure should facilitate the lighting of focal points, and if they are hard to find, clever landscape lighting design can create them!

landscape lighting design in london

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