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Lighting design trends – clean lines, neutral finishes, smart technology

In 2022, commercial lighting design trends are inspired by sustainability and wellbeing.

The ‘less is more’ concept underpins contemporary styling. Smart technology, geometric shaping and experimental finishes are key lighting elements that make users comfortable, productive, and inspired.

Detail Lighting are specialists in the design and supply of LED lighting.

Simplicity and anti-glare lighting are key trends

In previous decades, commercial spaces have been responsible for wasted lighting that emits excessive glare and creates clinical, soulless environments.

Well-designed lighting is now considered to be essential in creating welcoming commercial spaces with layers of minimalist lighting fixtures of varying luminance.

The Comet trimless recessed downlight offers a contemporary, minimalist look in a 2700k or 3000k colour temperature. Warm light is 3000K or lower, with 3500K being neutral, so the Comet provides a subtle, warm light.

As a recessed light, the Comet is tucked away so is unobtrusive but highly effective.

Also recessed, the Voleos fixed downlight is 15W and also available in 4000K.

The 15W Voleos Directional downlight has an adjustable 25° tilt and 350° rotation, is dimmable and is available in colour temperatures 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.

Recessed, low glare but with above average power

All of these downlighters can be used in a layered lighting scheme and adjusted to the changing needs of the space.

Wall washing

Wall washing is becoming increasingly popular as a subtle way of lighting an entire wall without the need for excessive luminance.

It is the process of fixing lighting into the ceiling or floor, a short distance from the wall, allowing the light to illuminate the wall evenly from floor to ceiling, without shadows.

The Pintor Wall-Wash is a LED recessed dark-light optic that is fixed with a 355° rotation. It is 15W, available in three colour temperatures: 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.

Contemporary orientation lighting for safety 

Orientation lighting, or guidance lighting, provides safety on stairs or in rooms. The Vee orientation light is 256mm x 24mm, a neat, slimline unit for steps and general orientation lighting.

The Vee is controllable through phased dimming and is available in 2700K and 3000K colour temperatures. The CU-Block glare-free light is an alternative, square-shaped option for orientation lighting that is also ideal for stairways.

Clean lines for a minimalist scheme

LED linear lighting continues to trend in commercial spaces, producing atmospheric lighting that enhances productivity with the required ambience.

The LED Volans linear shadow gap system produces crisp, seamless shadow gaps to create continuous, clean lines of light.

For exterior LED linear lighting, the Volans Aston sealed linear flexi lighting system is made to measure and UV and chemical resistant. Ideal for long runs, the Volans Aston is dimmable and suitable for all general lighting purposes.

Smart lighting for eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting design

Smart lighting is a lighting design trend that continues to grow. Smart lighting operates lighting systems remotely through a central system and is generally operated through an app.

It minimises energy consumption through automation, reducing the cost of running a commercial building, of which around 17% is due to lighting.

Smart lighting can be automated based on natural light. Colour temperature can be changed throughout the day, synchronising the interior lighting with the amount of natural light coming into the room. This facilitates wellbeing and reduces cost.

Commercial lighting finishes

While art deco inspired polished brass and brushed nickel finishes remain popular in commercial lighting, blended metals are trending in 2022. A blend of pewter with copper or brass is a prime example of a unique tone for light fittings.

Natural materials are also popular for lighting fixtures as sustainability triumphs over plastics, and calming, textured spaces improve productivity.

Matte black finishes continue to provide sleek, sophisticated light fixtures, particularly when contrasted with metal finishes.

Choose Detail Lighting for commercial lighting design

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