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Lighting experts for commercial spaces

Here at Detail Lighting, we are lighting experts for commercial spaces and serve to advise architects, interior designers and other design professionals, in creating lighting schemes to enhance commercial projects of all sizes and types.

Achieving high performance, good quality lighting is key to the operation of a commercial space and the comfort of its users. Lighting schemes should highlight architectural features, create uniformity where required and provide the most appropriate aesthetics and mood for the design, layout and use of the building.

Lighting experts advise on lighting design schemes that enhance the wellbeing and productivity of employees and visitors to commercial buildings.

Lighting experts for commercial spaces

Benefits of professional lighting design

Our team here at Detail Lighting guide design professionals on how best to incorporate lighting into the rest of the commercial design scheme. This is best done at the initial design stage. It shouldn’t be simply added to the end of a design brief; lighting is now an integral part of commercial interior design.

Each commercial space has its unique design needs.

Our lighting experts have experience across all commercial spaces such as retail, offices, industrial buildings and leisure and hospitality venues.

They know the lighting concepts, fixtures, colour temperatures and layering that will maximise the purpose of each type of commercial space, and the comfort of its users. And they can bring value to your project by advising on the best practice lighting techniques.

Key considerations for commercial lighting

Key considerations for a professional lighting designer are:

  • Safety and visibility
  • Reducing eye strain and health issues instigated by poor lighting
  • Productivity of users of the space
  • Energy efficiency
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Creating the right ambience, welcome and atmosphere
  • Highlighting key features such as displays or architecture

Another benefit of commercial lighting schemes is beyond just the aesthetics. Well designed LED lighting schemes use a fraction of the energy of traditional lightbulbs and doesn’t contain mercury, so offers a more cost effective lighting solution that is more environmentally friendly.

Detail Lighting are proud to focus on sustainable lighting for clients, where our ‘Repair, why Replace?’ policy means that we can repair key lighting components without the need to simply replace. Our team can design a more sustainable lighting scheme through refurbishment of existing lighting products, as well as using lighting products which have a minimal carbon footprint.

Types of lighting solutions for businesses

Businesses benefit from a combination of lighting solutions rather than just a blanket of ambient lighting from ceilings.

Recessed LED lights from ceilings combined with task lighting on walls, tables or tracks provide layers of light that can be used together or independently to facilitate the purpose of the space. The task lighting highlights specific areas to enhance productivity.

Low level and uplighting can be used to highlight architecture or displays. They are also ideal for orientation and safety. Versatile linear LED lighting can be installed in shelving, displays and ceilings using varying styles, lengths and colours.

With smart technology, LED commercial lighting can be dimmed and managed remotely to be more versatile and reduce carbon emissions. Sensors can also be used to avoid lighting rooms and spaces that aren’t being used, thereby reducing costs.

Why partner with Detail Lighting for your architectural lighting project?

Detail Lighting have decades of experience in architectural commercial lighting. We work with designers every day to help them optimise their commercial lighting designs. We offer a 30 minute consultation in which we find out about your project and explain our lighting design approach. All of our designs are bespoke to meet the needs of individual commercial spaces.


How do you create your lighting designs?

We develop our designs through CAD (computer-aided design) drawings that include circuits, fittings locations and other specifications.

Can I see an example of a Detail Lighting commercial project?

Yes, take a look at our work in Pennington Street, London.

Do you offer professional lighting design for outdoor lighting projects?

Yes. Take a look at our web page for more information.

Detail Lighting are your commercial lighting experts

Get in touch with Detail Lighting for expert guidance on your commercial lighting scheme.

Can we help?

For a no-obligation chat about your architectural lighting designs, please contact us using our online form, by email at, or by calling 01908 613256.

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