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Lucarelli Restaurant, Birmingham

The client asked for architectural lighting that would highlight specific areas and features, as well as providing a filler for spaces where the decorative lighting such as pendants and wall lights were used.

In ceilings we used the Corona Pro extra warm 2700K downlight with narrow beam. This discreet, recessed lighting option offered a sufficient angle tilt to illuminate the required areas with an anti-glare look. The Corona Pro complemented the unobtrusive, contemporary Danny surface mounted 2700K narrow beam LED downlight.

For the bar area and to present the joinery as contemporary and stylish, we created seamless shadow gaps with Volans linear lighting. Outside, Mira 2 (3w) LED spotlights were used to highlight planters and greenery.

The overall effect was tight, narrow beams of light on the restaurant tables to create the required ambiance when all lighting is dimmed. A unique element of this installation was making the cocktail bar a feature. By adjusting the light intensity and concealing the linear Volans LED lighting, the installation created impact and made the bar staff part of the customer experience.