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Outdoor hospitality lighting ideas

Outdoor hospitality lighting has become increasingly popular and varied in design to accommodate the growing demand for a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces within hospitality settings.

The purpose of lighting within a hospitality space is to improve the ambience. It is essential for providing a welcoming and inviting environment for guests, as well as a functional space for employees.

There isn’t a one-solution-fits-all for designing lighting schemes, as hospitality environments vary in shape and size – whether it is a large restaurant, cosy bar, open plan hotel or events venues.

You can transform an ordinary outdoor space into a stunning and memorable experience for your guests by using the right lighting.

Detail Lighting designs and supplies outdoor lighting systems for a variety of uses and styles, collaborating with designers, architects, developers, and contractors to add value to a wide range of hospitality lighting projects.

We help interior designers and architects solve common problems such as how to light walls, where to position ceiling lights, how to maximise lighting controls, how to light stairs, how to consider the layering of light to create the right ambience, and much more.
Outdoor hospitality lighting ideas

Outdoor hospitality lighting ideas

When it comes to outdoor hospitality lighting ideas, creating the right atmosphere is essential for making guests feel welcome and at ease.

A hospitality venue serves multiple functions throughout the day and night, requiring a thoughtful approach to lighting design.

During the day, lighting should complement rather than overpower natural light, as it is essential for guest well-being. As a result, natural light should be utilised whenever possible.

As night falls, lighting design plays a new role in creating a mood of comfort and relaxation while providing necessary task and security lighting.

Subtle and warm downlighting, as well as illuminated walls and displays, are frequently used to draw attention to the bar and dining areas. This is normally around 2700K to enhance the cosiness and ambience.

Floor and step lights illuminate pathways around a patio seating area, which is especially useful if your outdoor space has multilevel seating. Because it can provide both practical and aesthetic benefits, pendant lighting is an excellent choice for outdoor dining areas in hospitality settings too.

Pendant lighting fixtures can be installed directly above tables to provide focused task lighting that allows guests to see their food and drinks. This is especially important in outdoor dining areas after sunset when natural light may be insufficient.

Soft, warm-coloured lighting can help to create a welcoming atmosphere. String lights can be used to create a canopy effect over an outdoor seating area, while lanterns add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Using uplighting to highlight trees, sculptures, or other architectural features can create a dramatic effect. And using dimmable lighting fixtures or smart lighting systems allows you to tailor the ambience to the occasion, whether it’s a romantic evening or a lively gathering.

Outdoor lighting for ambience

Outdoor lighting can help to create an atmosphere by influencing how we perceive and experience a space.

Light has a strong influence on our emotions and moods, and well-designed outdoor lighting can help to create a specific ambience or mood that improves the overall guest experience.

It is important to understand the type of ambience you want to create before designing the lighting for your space. Consider your target audience: is it a romantic dinner, an intimate gathering of friends, or a livelier atmosphere? By answering these questions, you will gain a better understanding of the type of ambient lighting that will be most effective in creating the atmosphere you desire.

Lighting elicits emotional reactions. Layered lighting is essential for improving the guest experience across a hospitality venue’s typically blended spaces. Layered lighting reacts to changes in natural light and different ways of utilising space.

Wall lights, lamps, and recessed lighting all work together to create different layers of ambiance and comfort.

The Chambers outdoor lighting is a high-quality lighting solution that can transform any outdoor dining area into a cosy and inviting environment.

This lighting system is intended to create a soft, warm ambience that complements the surroundings. The Chambers outdoor lighting system is a versatile solution that can be tailored to any restaurant’s specific requirements.

The TerraLuce GU10 Engine light is intended to create an inviting atmosphere, making it ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere. This lighting system makes use of high-quality LED lights that emit warm, natural light that is similar to that of natural sunlight.

It employs LED technology, known for its low power consumption and long lifespan, making it a green and cost-effective lighting solution. This light is also highly adjustable. It can be dimmed to create the ideal lighting level for any event.

The Mira 2 outdoor lighting system offers a variety of installation options, including wall-mounted and ground-mounted fixtures. This allows for simple installation in any outdoor space, whether on the walls, the ground, or pillars.

This light has dimming capabilities which are one of its standout features. This enables the restaurant to change the lighting to suit various moods and occasions. For example, the lighting can be dimmed to create a more relaxed atmosphere on a quiet evening or brightened to create a livelier atmosphere on a busy night.

exterior lighting for a hotel pathway

Walkway lighting

Walkway lighting is an important feature of outdoor lighting in the hospitality sector because it provides customers with a safe and accommodating path to navigate around the bar or restaurant. In a hospitality setting.

The Waite Exterior fixture has a sleek and modern design that will complement any pathway. The Waite has a powerful light output that can effectively illuminate the entire pathway and uses energy-efficient LED technology.

The Rotondo Trim lighting fixture is a high-quality LED downlight with a fixed, asymmetric 30° beam that is designed to provide bright and efficient illumination for walkway lighting.

Outdoor lighting design concepts for hospitality

We have many outdoor lighting design concepts that can be used for the hospitality sector. The Sagitta Micro is a type of LED downlight that is specifically designed for use in commercial spaces such as the hospitality sector.

The Sagitta Micro is a high-quality, energy-efficient LED downlight that is a low-cost lighting solution. It has a sleek and modern design and comes in a variety of finishes and colours, allowing businesses to select the best option for their aesthetic preferences.

The Fritz is built to withstand inclement weather, making it an excellent choice for outdoor dining areas. Its IP65 rating protects it against dust and water, making it suitable for use in damp or wet environments.

It is also dimmable, so businesses can adjust the brightness to create the desired ambience for their outdoor dining areas. The Fritz also has an adjustable beam angle, allowing businesses to direct light exactly where it is required. Perfect when wanting to light an architectural feature.

Lighting design consultancy for hospitality

Detail Lighting are an experienced outdoor lighting design consultancy for the hospitality industry. We have been designing and supplying LED lighting systems since 2000. All our designs are environmentally conscious, and we have the expertise to advise on light source placement, intensity, colour rendering, and colour temperature on all commercial projects.

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