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Outdoor lighting trends 2022/23

In the UK outdoor lighting trends in 2022/23 continue to follow those of countries on the continent. Our colder climate is no longer a barrier to enjoying outdoor lighting now that there is a wealth of outdoor heating and exterior furniture and fittings available.

How does this translate to outdoor commercial lighting? There is certainly a crossover in external lighting trends as companies replicate home comfort designs.

LED bulbs are rapidly becoming the exterior lighting technology of choice in both camps due to their energy saving and cost reducing benefits. Warm white LED light is more popular than cool white LED lights as they create a more welcoming glow.

Detail Lighting supply a range of outdoor lighting solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

The three most important types of commercial outdoor lighting as:

  • Landscape lighting
  • Path lighting
  • Architectural lighting

Commercial landscape lighting trends

Commercial landscape lighting has a dual purpose. It is used for functional purposes such as visibility, safety and security, and also to enhance how an outdoor commercial space looks at night. For functionality, effective outdoor lighting is essential in reducing the risk of accidents and liability.

From an aesthetic perspective, passive light from buildings such as outdoor waiting zones and reception areas is being increasingly used to flood light onto the immediate landscape as a low key approach. Complementing this with minimal outdoor uplighting and downlighting from spotlights creates a lighting scheme that is practical and simplistic but visually appealing.

Lanterns and bulbs on strings, commonly known as festoon lighting are external lighting trends that are prevalent in both residential and commercial spaces, particularly hospitality venues. Here, coloured lights can be used if appropriate. Festoon lighting creates a relaxed vibe, enhances social areas, and encourages a party atmosphere. As an alternative to the fun lanterns and strings of bulbs that festoon lighting provides, outdoor chandeliers can be hung over dining tables to replicate opulent restaurant design.

Commercial outdoor spaces often have large trees and plants on which a spotlight is used to light up the tree canopy or plant from below. Alternatively, trees can be silhouetted by lights shining from the sides or behind.

The illumination of water features is also an outside lighting trend. This is often done by mirror lighting where the light bounces off the water to light the entire area. Lights can also be placed under water feature tanks or pots to create stunning effects.

Commercial path lighting trends

For path lighting, safety is the key aim. Outdoor recessed lighting is used to light up paths by running along planting or being recessed into paving, decking or the ground of car parks and other large outdoor areas.

Step lighting also illuminates pathways and ensures users find their way around the outside area easily. Fittings can be built into treads or on the sides of risers.

Commercial architectural lighting trends

Outdoor wall lights continue to be popular in commercial architectural lighting. They showcase the architectural design of commercial buildings by projecting light onto exterior walls and interesting design elements. This is particularly effective on older buildings with intricate features, but it can be equally atmospheric when highlighting stunning brick, pillars and feature windows of contemporary buildings.  

Automated lighting and smart controls

Automated lighting and smart controls continue to be players in commercial outdoor lighting trends because they save businesses money and reduce their carbon footprint. Throughout the remainder of 2022 and into 2023 automated lighting controls will continue to expand to effectively provide businesses with exterior lighting 24/7 but only when users are there to enjoy it.

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