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BYD Showroom Project




London, UK

Project Brief

Detail Lighting recently engineered and supplied a bespoke lighting scheme for a new BYD showroom located in Westfield, West London.

The brief called for a lighting solution that would enhance the sleek designs of their vehicles, adhere to and enhancing the brand’s established corporate identity, and finally to enrich the overall customer experience.


Creating an effective lighting scheme for any car showroom requires a carefully considered approach that balances aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency.

Each car brand will have their own policies regarding brand identity, sustainability and customer experience, that needs to be adhered to when designing the showroom interior.

BYD, a leader in the electric vehicle market, is on a journey to establish a strong visual presence in the competitive European automotive landscape. Part of this strategy involves the development of new showrooms up and down the UK.

Each showroom will follow their corporate identity strategy, to ensure a cohesive and common approach. Part of this identity involves the use of ceiling-mounted lightboxes within their showrooms.

Lightboxes are squares of LED lighting technologies that produce a strong and even light source. When integrated into overall lighting schemes, lightboxes are an effective way of increasing visibility and capturing customer attention within a showroom environment. They can also greatly enhance the overall efficacy of interior lighting systems.

Even though lightboxes carry numerous benefits when specified into a showroom environment and appear simplistic in design, they can be difficult to work with as they involve a sophisticated technical setup to achieve optimal light distribution.

Our technical design team here at Detail lighting engaged with BYD at early design stages of the project. We were able to integrate smart controls into the lightboxes which tuned the lighting colour depending on the season and natural lighting levels.

Now, showroom staff can alternate between temperatures of 3000K and 4000K, which are considered cool, crisps lighting levels to illuminate the cars to the best effect.

We also provided wall-mounted lightboxes which provided illuminated branded displays, creating an immersive environment for showroom visitors.

In addition to the lightboxes, we also supplied the lighting tracks and anti-glare Danny Max track spots with lenses that can be easily changed These are a popular lighting fixture among architects and specifiers due to their aesthetic and functional benefits they bring to modern interiors.


The strategic use of lighting has transformed the space into a dynamic environment that not only showcases BYD’s vehicles in their best light but also creates an immersive brand experience for visitors.

The light boxes serve as a focal point, providing even, glare-free illumination that highlights the vehicles’ design features. The ability to tune the white balance ensures that the showroom can adapt to changing seasons and times of day, maintaining optimal viewing conditions year-round.

The back-lit marketing panels add a layer of visual interest, creating depth and drawing attention to key brand messages. Combined with the precision of the Danny Max track lighting, every aspect of the vehicles and the showroom space is thoughtfully illuminated.

The BYD showroom project in Westfield highlights Detail Lighting’s commitment to excellence and innovation in architectural lighting design.

It serves as a prime example of how strategic lighting can transform commercial spaces, enhancing both the display of products and the overall consumer experience.

Lighting products used

Danny MAX 70 track

Bespoke Lightboxes


Danny Surface small