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Kia Showroom Project




UK wide

Project Brief

Detail Lighting were commissioned to develop a comprehensive lighting solution for international car manufacturer, Kia, in one of their car showrooms, reflecting their recent brand rebranding initiative. 

The new lighting design needed to embody the new Kia brand identity, ensure optimal lighting to highlight the features and aesthetics of the cars on display, create a welcoming ambience for Kia customers as well as incorporating energy efficient lighting.


Kia’s vision for their new showroom branding extends beyond simply selling cars. They’re on a mission to create a more immersive and meaningful experience for their customers. 

The white strip lighting seen running along the ceiling and down the walls in the above image is the Volans ASTON IP67 which can be customised in a variety of ways including; RAL finish, light source, beam angle, orientation, and human controls.

The Quadro Deep Twin was used as a spotlight feature throughout various areas in the showroom. This rectangular trim recessed down-light is dimmable and has adjustable 30° tilt, and 350° rotation which was exactly what was needed to shine the light on specific features in the showroom.

The showroom design itself reflects a desire to break the mould. Kia achieves this through contrasting zones. The customer zone exudes warmth and invites relaxation. Think soft lighting, earthy tones, and comfortable furniture. A recessed profile with high-output linear LED 3000K was used to create a direct beam gently lighting up the wooden walls. 

RED Infinity Lighting

Just across the threshold, a dramatic shift awaits. To create the illusion of threshold, we used the red infinity light as this was very important to the brand statement of separating the customer zone to the display zone.


The strategic use of lighting, space design, and contrasting themes played a crucial role in helping Kia to achieve their branding goals, and we, at Detail Lighting, are proud to have played a part in elevating the customer experience for this globally recognised brand. Due to the various site conditions we proposed a cost effective way to replace ceiling tiles, saving thousands in the cost of replacing the complete suspended ceiling.

Commercial Architectural Lighting With Detail Lighting

Due to the unique nature of each Kia showroom, we are challenged to provide in-house customisation for each site, and we achieve this with a fast turnaround. 

With over 30 years of experience in architectural lighting, our team at Detail Lighting collaborates with architects, interior designers, specifiers, and lighting designers to ensure that the lighting designs fulfil a purpose and solve a problem for the client.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your next project.


Lighting products used

Volans ASTON IP67



Danny MAX 70 track

Volans pendant / suspended profiles

Volans Part L HO EFFI 9.6w & 21w