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Pennington Street London Dock Rum factory





Project Brief

Detail Lighting were commissioned by Watford-based main contractors Ernest Park and Switch Technologies to re-engineer the existing lighting at London Dock’s Rum Factory.

The Rum Factory is located at the historic two-storey Pennington Street Warehouse, a Grade II-listed, 19th-century building in Wapping. The brief was to improve efficiencies and make the lighting more appropriate for the purpose and layout of the space.

Occupants JTP are architects who wanted Detail Lighting to deliver lighting concepts that would enable them to create, collaborate and manage projects more efficiently while remaining focused on the health and wellbeing of staff.


  • Pendant lights were hung to illuminate the large, open main hall and the staircase that connects the two floors, as well as over sinks in bathrooms. The pendant lights were suspended by wiring which facilitated a swift installation.
  • Simmtronic DALI controls were applied to all lighting systems. DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a lighting interface system that uses a digital signal to achieve more specified, yet flexible control for the user. DALI systems use a two-way protocol that allows the user to communicate directly with LED drivers and ballasts, and vice versa.
  • Existing decorative lighting was converted to be run by DALI controls.
  • The staircase was site-measured for custom-made Volans LEDline IP68 strips to be applied to the balustrade edges of the treads with absolute accuracy, and to include emergency back-up lights.
  • Honeycomb uplights with a contemporary matt black finish were buried into the flooring to provide directional lighting against walls. The colours of the uplights were chosen to complement the natural wood of the floor while also displaying a contemporary trim that is in keeping with the rest of the on-trend décor.
  • The Volans LEDline IP68 concealed strip lighting featured in break out areas and around mirrors in bathrooms.
  • Volans linear LED wall lights were custom-made for conduit enamel systems to be suspended through wiring from the industrial, non-straight walls.
  • DALI controlled Mira, high power LED spotlights were positioned to illuminate the architectural beams and posts with subtle, narrow beams.
  • LED lighting was installed behind the steel beams, also controlled by DALI.


Upon completion it was clear that the re-engineered lighting would enhance the look and, more importantly, the use of the space in line with the brief from the client.

The subtlety and positioning of the lighting complements and highlights the historic features and textures of the building interior. The intuitive DALI Simmtronic lighting control system has given the occupants of the building the flexibility and versatility to use the space more effectively.

Director of Detail Lighting, Piero De Marchis was pleased that the installation would give the client the functional space they needed:

“The combination of pendants, spotlights and LED strip lighting has provided the layered, functional lighting scheme that the client needed to create a welcoming, healthy space for workers and visitors while also optimising productivity.

Facilitating creativity and collaboration was a key element of the brief, and based on the client’s reaction to our designs and installation, we definitely achieved it. Using wiring to suspend the pendants and conduit allowed us to complete the installation quickly which meant less downtime for the client.”

Lighting products used

Volans LEDline IP68

Mira 2 (3W)