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Vita Boutique Fitness





Project Brief

Detail Lighting were appointed by West London independent architects and designers, FlairStudio to design lighting concepts for the refurbishment and conversion of an unoccupied property into a boutique fitness studio.

VITA Boutique Fitness is a high-end fitness studio located within VITA Clubhouse in Sloane Square, Chelsea, offering Pilates and yoga classes, and other workout sessions. The VITA Clubhouse 6 storey building houses the fitness studio, bespoke treatment suite and a carbon negative roastery on the ground floor.

Detail Lighting were briefed with developing lighting design concepts for the fitness studio that would create an exclusive ambiance while also providing versatile lighting schemes for a variety of classes.


To create warm, ambient lighting and avoid glare, we introduced a blend of track spotlights, surface dimmable spotlights and adjustable recessed downlights.

Anti-glare lighting and the latest dimming technology were used throughout to optimise the comfort of users of the studio and enable trainers and staff to control the intensity of lighting in each room.

The three primary lighting products we used on this project are:

The Danny Air Track Spot

The Danny Air Track Spot is a round, dimmable LED track spotlight that is adjustable to a 90 degree tilt and 320 degree rotation. The compact dimensions, contemporary design and versatility make the Danny Air Track Spot the ideal solution for a fitness studio. The aluminium body and bezel are finished in either black or white, enabling the track to fit seamlessly into any décor and environment.

Using a track allows for aiming the spots where the light is most needed while avoiding glare. Meanwhile, the dimming control creates a relaxing environment or brighter lighting, whichever is most appropriate for the class or use of the space.

Danny MAX Surface Light

The Danny MAX Surface light is a surface mounted spotlight that is dimmable and has an adjustable tilt to 90 degrees, and a 350 degree rotation.

Ideal for high-powered, high lighting applications, the Danny MAX Surface light offers exceptional luminous efficacy which can be dimmed when required.

Corona Pro

A popular architectural lighting product, the Corona Pro is a round LED, recessed dark-light downlight that is adjustable to a 30 degree tilt and 350 degree rotation.

This discreet, directional downlight has a white, aluminium finish that complements the minimalist décor of VITA Boutique Fitness.


The client was delighted with our lighting designs that reflected the contemporary, high-end finish of the refurbishment, while providing the practical versatility needed for optimising the use of the space.

Director of Detail Lighting, Piero De Marchis, said:

“Our lighting designs for VITA Boutique Fitness blended well with the interior aesthetics and, most importantly, provided effective lighting that enhances the experience of the fitness studio clients.

In a setting that focuses on health and wellbeing, it was important that we developed lighting concepts that balanced comfort with the brighter lighting needed for some activities.

By working with the natural light available, and using dimming technology and adjustable spotlights, we gave the client control over the direction and intensity of light, the requirements for which can vary considerably due to each room’s size, location and window type.”

Lighting products used

Danny Air Track Spot

Danny MAX Surface

Corona Pro