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Professional outdoor lighting for commercial projects

Professional outdoor lighting transforms the exterior of both modern and traditional commercial buildings. Architectural in-ground markers and uplights, wall lights, floodlights and spotlights are just some of the lighting solutions that enhance outdoor spaces.

Outdoor lighting is used for both aesthetic enhancement and for practical purposes:

Commercial outdoor lighting gives dimension to buildings and their surrounding environments, creating accents and different effects. Architectural outdoor lighting can be used to highlight certain features of the building to draw the eye and create an aura that is in-keeping with the purpose of the building.

How the commercial building is used will determine the outdoor lighting that is applied. Particularly if the building has heavy footfall, lighting can be used to illuminate signage, mark pathways and create a secure environment with floodlit areas.

Professional outdoor lighting installations will always adhere to the appropriate protection level against the ingress of dirt and water. Exterior lighting products have an IP (Ingress Protection) value that determines how well protected the light fixture is. Light fixtures that have a rating of IP65 and above can withstand being sprayed by jets of water from all directions and therefore be used outdoors.

Commercial outdoor lighting serves many purposes, and trends in commercial outdoor lighting come and go. Detail Lighting supplies contemporary, effective and functional architectural outdoor lighting to commercial designers and contractors. Here we outline some of the most popular commercial outdoor lighting solutions we supply to our clients.

In-ground lighting

Low glare in-ground markers and uplighters help visitors of larger commercial buildings to navigate their way around the exterior.

This applies to visitors on foot, in a car or on a bicycle. In-ground marker lights also look rather decorative, creating an ambiance outside a building that is welcoming, sleek and clean.

The Cleo marker IP67 is dimmable and low glare. Ideal for pathway and orientation lighting, its IP rating means the fixture is protected against the effects of water immersion between 15cm and 1m.

Smart lighting control by Casambi allows for each fixture to be individually dimmed.

This light fixture has a 7w LED bulb with a 36° rotation with cut out dimensions of 64mm x 63mm.

As an alternative, the Cleo IP67 uplight has the same dimensions and an optional anti-glare shield or honeycomb. It provides a discreet medium or narrow beam and has a brushed stainless steel or custom plated finish. The 7w GU1O LED bulb is available with either a 10° or 36° rotation.

The discreet Sagitta Micro in-ground robust marker with smaller dimensions of 40mm x 38mm, is low glare and dimmable. Available in a high polish stainless steel or custom plated finish, the bulb is 3w with a 36° rotation.

Ground and surface mounted spot lights

Ground and surface mounted spot lights can be used around the exterior of a building and in trees to create directional lighting and design-led effects. They can be used to highlight architectural features by providing uplighting, downlighting or cross lighting. The adjustable arms provide different levels of rotation.

Detail Lighting stock the Mira range of LED spotlights that have a contemporary black finish and provide glare-free lighting with the choice of a 3w , 6w, 10w or 20w bulb.

Spreader or washer surface mounted LED spotlights are designed for lighting hedges and other landscape features such as steps. The spreader supplied by Detail Lighting is adjustable to a 90° tilt and is dimmable. It is supplied with an anti-glare cowl, a fixing spike and pre-wired outdoor flex. The unit has a 13w LED bulb and benefits from Casambi technology that allows individual dimming control.

Can we help with your commercial outdoor lighting project?

Detail Lighting provides expert advice on lighting solutions to commercial designers and contractors. Contact us for more information