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Residential lighting design

Residential lighting design is increasingly taking centre stage when it comes to creating interior design schemes. Homeowners keen to replicate the sumptuous luxury and ambience of high end hotels, or looking for practical solutions that enhance their lifestyle, are turning to carefully thought out residential lighting design.
Whether it’s architectural lighting, task lighting, a mix of lamps and wall lights or smart lighting technology, homeowners now realise that residential lighting design is a cost-effective alternative to expensive furniture or structural changes for achieving stunning home interiors.
residential lighting design in the living room

Residential lighting design services

Detail Lighting provide residential lighting design services, specialising in LED lighting. The process begins by working with designers, architects or directly with clients to understand how we will collaborate to realise their vision.
Our designers come up with residential lighting schemes that use a range of light fixtures and stylish products. These include a mix of linear LED strip lighting, uplights, downlights, wall lights, pendants, path lights and picture lights, along with smart lighting technology.
From over two decades’ experience we know how to create designs that maximise a budget, and we don’t shy away from complex schemes that require that extra vision and determination.
We design products to the dimensions specified by interior designers or architects, and offer the different finishes required for specific design schemes.

residential lighting design

Types of lighting design

Eco-friendly lighting design – LED lighting uses far less energy than incandescent lights, offering an increased efficiency of anything from 25% to 80%.

Minimalism – Simplicity and minimalism combine in a lighting design that has been around some time. Complementing the ultra-modern look, for minimalist residential lighting design interior designers will request simple, symmetrically shaped fixtures and black, white and grey finishes.

Oversized lighting fixtures – Open plan living is increasingly popular but sometimes an open plan design can look empty and clinical without the right lighting scheme. Linear LED lighting is used under large fixtures such as kitchen islands to give the illusion of extending their reach, oversized pendants break up sparse areas, and chandeliers create impact.

Task lighting – As well as residential lighting that focuses on aesthetics, there is always a need for practical lighting solutions such as task lighting. Strategically placed lamps and wall lights that are integrated into the overall design facilitate reading, working and hobbies without spoiling the ambiance of a room.

residential lighting design

Blending design with technology

Smart lighting technology has advanced considerably over the last decade. By blending design with technology, smart lighting gives the homeowner control over how a room looks, feels and functions.

Whether the smart lighting technology is voice activated or controlled by an app or wall-mounted keypads, smart lighting technology provides instant change. Lighting control systems can be used to control an entire home’s lighting or just that of a specific room.

Residential lighting technology can either be wired or wireless, both of which save energy and offer convenience.

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