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Residential sustainable lighting design

Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of how residential sustainable lighting design directly impacts the environment.

The purpose of residential sustainable lighting design is to introduce more energy efficient lighting schemes that reduce carbon emissions and therefore slow down climate change. It also helps homeowners to save money.

Specifiers such as interior designers, property developers, architects and contractors now consider environmental impact as a priority. It is at the heart of this drive towards greater environmental responsibility.

Globally, around 20% of electricity is consumed in lighting. Residential sustainable lighting design is instrumental in reducing electricity consumption.

Residential sustainable lighting design

Sustainable residential lighting design principles

Sustainable lighting design principles for residential properties begin with maximising natural daylight. This reduces the need for artificial lighting and is known to enhance the wellbeing of homeowners.

The introduction of lighting components that facilitate energy efficiencies such as smart controls, sensors, dimmers and apps give homeowners more control over their energy usage.

Using LEDs (light emitting diodes) instead of traditional light bulbs will greatly reduce a household’s energy consumption. LEDs use 85% less electricity but produce the same light output.

Introducing durable materials into the lighting design scheme that are recyclable, recycled, biodegradable or renewable is a sustainable lighting design principle that has wide reaching impact.

Designing lighting schemes for residential spaces

Designing lighting schemes for residential spaces

When designing lighting schemes for residential spaces, the following concepts are widely used by specifiers:

  • Using layered lighting schemes of ambient, accent and task lighting to create lighting designs that are most suitable for each room. A kitchen and bathroom will require more task lighting than the sitting room, for example. Layered lighting allows homeowners to only use the lighting they need.
  • Replacing traditional light bulbs with LEDs, particularly in rooms that are used most frequently.
  • Installing timers, occupancy sensors, or connected technologies that automatically activate the lighting only when it is needed.
  • For exterior lighting:
    • installing motion sensors and timers
    • integrating solar lighting where possible
    • installing reflectors, deflectors, or covers on external lighting fixtures for added efficiencies and to reduce light pollution.

Repair, why replace?  – our sustainable lighting policy

Detail Lighting have a ‘repair, why replace?’ policy for residential sustainable lighting design. We take responsibility for providing lifetime support for our products and reducing waste. Minimal carbon emissions are produced when upgrading lighting fixtures. All our products are designed to be serviced, upgraded, reused and refurbished. More information on our repair, why replace policy can be found here.

Our projects

We are proud of our residential sustainable lighting design projects. Examples are:

Why work with Detail Lighting for your residential lighting project?

Detail Lighting are experts in sustainable lighting design for residential properties. Our decades of experience enable us to instinctively know which designs will most effectively serve each property. Contact us for advice or more information about our services.


What type of sustainable lighting is best for outdoor security lights?

LED flood lights with motion sensors would be energy efficient. However, please get in touch to discuss the best solution for your property.

Can your lighting products be customised to suit my project requirements?

Yes. The dimensions, finishes and other requirements can be customised.

Do you repair lighting products?

Yes, get in touch for a quotation.

Sustainable residential lighting design principles

Sustainable lighting products

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