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The Cortes 48V track system for design versatility

The Cortes 48V track system is an slimline, low voltage linear LED lighting system that brings stylish, ambient lighting to commercial spaces such as retail, offices, restaurants, bars and hotels.

The elegant system is also a popular choice for residential lighting design, as homeowners become inspired by hospitality lighting found at their favourite venues.

Integrated into architecture, the sleek and versatile Cortes 48V track system is run along ceilings or walls in the configuration designed by the architect or interior designer, to create the aesthetic impact and ambiance they’d envisaged.

Architectural lighting in the retail, office and hospitality sectors is designed to meet specific tasks. In retail, downlights and spotlights highlight areas to influence consumer buying decisions. In offices, linear LED lighting creates a comfortable workspace that improves productivity. Hospitality lighting establishes ambiance and mood, while subtly directing light to tables and serving areas.

The growing reputation of the Cortes 48V system in architectural lighting design is due to its minimal appearance, far slimmer than alternative systems on the market. The system also provides a wealth of benefits, some of which are:

Comprehensive range of fixtures, colours, and finishes.

Range of fixtures, colours, and finishes for unique interior design

Interior LED lighting uses a range of architectural light fittings. The Cortes 48V LED lighting system is compatible with all Cortes 48V pendant, spot and linear LED lighting fixtures.

Architects and interior designers can choose between:

ALT Spotlight – available in 35, 45 and 70mm diameter with a 350° rotation

ALT Zoom Spotlight – 70mm diameter, available with a range of 15° – 36° or 35° – 60°

Pixo 9709 – a sleek, slim pendant with a range of coloured rings

PL3023 – a decorative round pendant with a 2-metre cord length

Polaris LED downlights 9603 and 9606 – high-output track downlights, available in multiple configurations and lengths.

Polaris LED wall-wash 9629 – high output track wall-wash, available in multiple configurations and lengths.

Architects and interior designers have the choice of special finishes and textures for the Cortes 48V system if they want to create something more bespoke than the standard black or white finish. The special finishes available are:

Chrome plated

Brushed gold

Brushed brass

Brushed copper

All colours are available in special oval or rectangle textures as alternatives to the sleek, standard matt finish.

Intelligent control

The Cortes 48V track system can be controlled as on/off or it can be dimmed 1-10V using the digital smart dimming driver located in each spot or pendant. Each fixture can be dimmed remotely.

The system allows for easy change of lighting effects which is crucial, particularly for hospitality lighting when different events and times of day call for versatility in lighting to create the most suitable ambiance.

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