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Sustainable interior lighting

Sustainable interior lighting is an important consideration for many interior designers, architects, and professionals in the design community, looking to reduce a building’s environmental impact and operating costs for clients.

Lighting consumes a significant amount of energy within a building, and inefficient lighting further compounds to high energy bills and levels of carbon emissions.

Detail Lighting are proud to focus on sustainable lighting for clients, where our ‘Repair, why Replace?’ policy means that we can repair key lighting components without the need to simply replace. Our team can design a more sustainable lighting scheme through refurbishment of existing lighting products, as well as using lighting products which have a minimal carbon footprint.

Sustainable interior lighting

Our sustainable lighting strategy – Repair, why Replace

Detail Lighting advocates a ‘repair why replace’ policy which benefits lighting designers as well as business owners. Using our expertise in sustainable lighting design, we repair existing luminaires and fittings for our lighting design concepts wherever possible, rather than using brand new lighting products.

Refurbishing the light fixtures is a carbon win, because there are significantly less new emissions involved in repairing/upgrading, as opposed to sourcing and installing new lighting products.

Our products are designed to be serviced, upgraded, reused, and refurbished.

A ‘Repair, why Replace?’ strategy is, we believe, a significant player in environmentally friendly lighting design.

Types of sustainable lighting for commercial interiors

The main types of sustainable lighting for commercial interiors are LED (light emitting diode) bulbs and sustainable lighting controls.

LED bulbs use around 75% less energy than traditional or incandescent lightbulb to emit the same amount of light. This is because diode light has more power efficiency than a traditional filament light. When operating at lower power levels the 75% difference increases even further.

By using less energy, LED lightbulbs are far more sustainable and leave a much reduced carbon footprint. They also don’t need to be replaced as often as traditional lightbulbs because they last far longer; around 14 – 15 years or for around 50,000 hours. This longevity makes LED lighting truly sustainable.

Sustainable lighting produces very few, if any, harmful chemicals. While manufacturers must take steps to produce sustainable, chemical-free lighting, specifiers have a duty to choose lighting that contains the least amount of chemicals. When bulbs burn out and are discarded, they continue to release toxic chemicals into landfills and the wider environment. This can be avoided through sustainable lighting.

Lighting controls are also a sustainable factor in lighting schemes as they help to reduce energy consumption and the impact of a building on the environment. These give you more control over the amount of lighting you require, and reduces ongoing costs. For example, our Volans Premium Warm-Dimming light – a 10mm wide flexible LED strip light that produces 1800K – 3000K warm dim lighting tones. can be integrated with DALI lighting control systems, making it a firm favourite with interior designers and architects.

By installing sensors, timers and dimmers that can be controlled remotely by users, the amount of lighting used in a building is reduced. This conserves energy and saves money. A smart lighting system also reduces glare and offers a more comfortable experience for those using the space.

Sustainable lighting products

Sustainable lighting options

When it comes to sustainable lighting options, the first step is to maximise and complement natural daylight, the most sustainable light of all! Spaces that are designed to maximise natural light will have windows positioned appropriately and bring light into the building in other way such as skylights.

From here, it is all about layering your lighting and using smart controls. Downlights and suspended profiles and pendants can be layered with floor and table lamps. LED track systems provide contemporary sustainable lighting in spaces that require accent lighting or directional lighting. Wall lighting can create a warm and inviting space without emitting overpowering light, and linear LED lighting profiles are an ideal sustainable lighting option for retail and offices.

A sustainable lighting option advocated by Detail Lighting is to repair rather than replace. Our ‘repair, why replace?’ solution supports sustainability in construction and design. Our products are designed to be serviced, upgraded, reused and refurbished. We hold a lifetime responsibility for supporting our products and reducing waste. By upgrading light fixtures we produce less carbon emissions.


Do you design sustainable lighting schemes for residential properties?

Yes. Take a look at our recent case study, Beech House which was featured on the Grand Designs TV show.

Do you offer lighting guides or resources?

Yes. You can download our De-mystifying Lighting Guide here.

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