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Sustainable lighting design principles

Sustainable lighting design principles are an important consideration for many interior designers, architects, and professionals in the design community, looking to transform a building’s lighting while reducing its environmental impact.

Lighting consumes a significant amount of energy within a building, and inefficient lighting further compounds to high energy bills and levels of carbon emissions.

However, here at Detail Lighting we are advocates of adopting more sustainable lighting designs into architectural spaces.

By harnessing the power of natural light, reducing energy consumption, and carefully selecting eco-friendly lighting fixtures, we can create functional, aesthetic, and sustainable lighting environments.

Sustainable lighting design principles

Sustainable lighting design principles

When we work with design professionals or businesses who are looking to upgrade their lighting, we start with design principles that maximise and complement natural daylight. After all, this is the most sustainable light source of all!

Once it has been determined how daylight affects a given space, it is all about layering your lighting and integrating smart controls.

Light layering is also important aesthetically. It adds depth to a room, creating mood, different aesthetics and balance. This is essential for relaxation and comfort. Light layering is also specified to highlight architectural features and create unique interior design concepts.

So you can create layered lighting techniques that feature depth and warmth, using downlights, suspended lighting profiles or pendants, wall lighting, LED track systems, and also linear LED lighting profiles.

Repair why replace – our sustainable lighting policy

Detail Lighting advocates a ‘repair why replace’ policy which benefits lighting designers as well as business owners. Using our expertise in sustainable lighting design, we repair existing luminaires and fittings for our lighting design concepts wherever possible, rather than using brand new lighting products.

Refurbishing the light fixtures is a carbon win, because there are significantly less new emissions involved in repairing/upgrading, as opposed to sourcing and installing new lighting products.

Our products are designed to be serviced, upgraded, reused, and refurbished.

A ‘Repair, why Replace?’ strategy is, we believe, a significant player in environmentally friendly lighting design.

LED lighting solutions

It is essential to create commercial and residential buildings with sustainable lighting to reduce their carbon footprint.

The most effective strategy for making lighting more sustainable is to maximise natural sunlight, the most sustainable source of light. Rather than trying to replace natural light, lighting plans should be designed to enhance it.

And the best way to enhance natural light is through LED lighting. LED bulbs are a long-lasting lighting option that can assist businesses and individuals in reducing their environmental impact and energy consumption.

Detail Lighting stocks a huge variety of these fixtures and fittings. The Danny Max 85 Track is a high-quality track lighting system, made of aluminium and comes in black, white, or silver finishes, giving it a sleek and modern appearance for commercial interiors.

The Danny Max 85 Track works with a variety of lighting fixtures, such as spotlights and pendants, which can be easily attached and adjusted along the track. The track measures 85mm wide and can be cut to fit any space, making it a versatile and adaptable lighting solution.


Lighting controls for energy conservation

Lighting controls are a great way to reduce energy consumption as well as create different atmospheres and layering of lighting, for designers and specifiers.

Popular lighting controls include DALI lighting controls, Casambi Bluetooth switches, 0-10v dimming, and regular mains dimmer switches.

Our team here at Detail Lighting works with designers and lighting specifiers integrating smart controls and dimmers to gain more control over the amount of lighting they require, and to reduce ongoing costs.

For example, our Volans Premium Warm-Dimming light – a 10mm wide flexible LED strip light that produces 1800K – 3000K warm dim lighting tones. can be integrated with DALI lighting control systems, making it a firm favourite with interior designers and architects.

It is important to note that not all LED bulbs are dimmable. As a specifier it is therefore important to check that the LED bulbs you intend to use for a project are dimmable. If dimmable LED lighting is being installed for existing LED light fittings, you should also check their compatibility with dimmer switches.

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If you are a design professional, lighting specifier, or business owner, and you are interested in how to adopt a more sustainable approach to your lighting schemes, contact our team today and we will assist.

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