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Sustainable lighting for offices

Sustainable lighting for offices is crucial to make work environments more comfortable and productive.

It focuses on innovation, energy efficient products and best practices that reduce a commercial building’s impact on the environment.

Lighting is responsible for 5% of global CO₂ emissions. By integrating energy efficient products such as LEDs (light emitting diodes), smart technology and layered lighting into a new build or renovation, sustainable lighting is instrumental in reducing that statistic.

Detail Lighting are experts in sustainable lighting schemes for office spaces. Our team works with interior designers, architects, office fit out contractors, as well as businesses to assist with the design of the lighting schemes through to the supply of the lighting products.

Sustainable lighting for offices

Sustainable lighting for offices – overview

With sustainability a key issue for workplaces, sustainable lighting for offices is proving to bring huge benefits to companies throughout the UK. Lighting in offices affects the mood and energy levels of workers. This has a direct impact on productivity.

Glare and overly bright colour temperatures can cause discomfort while lights that are too dim can make workers feel tired. Getting the balance right is crucial for an alert, energised workforce. Sustainable lighting for offices is the answer.

Lighting considerations for office spaces

Lighting considerations for office spaces

Sustainable lighting considerations for office spaces include:

  • Use LED bulbs. They lower energy consumption by up to 80% which reduces a company’s cost and environmental impact. They also last much longer than traditional lightbulbs.
  • Maximise natural daylight to improve wellbeing and productivity.
  • Use timers, sensors, dimmers, and other lighting controls to allow users to use the lighting as they need it, rather than it being on all the time.
  • Clean light fixtures regularly to increase their efficiency.

Benefits of sustainable lighting for offices

As well as the cost savings and reduced carbon footprint, sustainable lighting for offices operates at cooler temperatures, avoiding the production of additional heat that may make the office space uncomfortable.

Because LED sustainable lighting can be easily dimmed and controlled through apps, users can create the environment they would rather work in. This enhances wellbeing which makes workers happier and more efficient.

Sustainable lighting fixtures are replaced far less regularly than traditional lighting fixtures which saves replacement and administration costs for the company in the long term.

Sustainable lighting products

With over two decades of industry experience, Detail Lighting design and supply high performance sustainable lighting products.

These include the Corona Pro downlight which is a round LED recessed fixture that is dimmable with a 30 degree tilt. For low level orientation lighting, we supply the Cursa Quadro Mini which is a square LED path light with low glare.

On ceilings the stylish Danny Surface Fix mounted round LED downlight is dimmable and glare-free, while increasingly popular lighting track systems such as the Cortes 48v System offer contemporary alternatives that are particularly popular in boardrooms and social spaces.

Repair why replace – our sustainable lighting policy

Detail Lighting is proud to promote our ‘Repair Why Replace’ sustainable lighting policy. We reduce our carbon footprint and waste by supporting our products for their lifetime through designs that ensure they can be serviced and upgraded rather than replaced.

By applying this policy to office lighting schemes that require many lighting fixtures we can make a real difference to the environment.

Why work with Detail Lighting for your sustainable lighting project?

Detail Lighting have over two decades of experience in designing sustainable lighting schemes for office spaces. We work daily with specifiers such as interior designers, architects, contractors and property developers to create the lighting designs they have envisaged for their office projects.


Does replacing lightbulbs produce fewer carbon emissions than manufacturing new units?

Yes, this is why we advocate refurbishment or repair over the replacement of lighting fixtures.

Can your lighting products be customised?

Yes, you can customise our lighting products to suit the needs of your office design project.

Do you charge for a consultation?

No. We offer a free initial project meeting. Contact us to arrange a meeting or to ask any other lighting design questions we can help you with.

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