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Sustainable Lighting in Architecture

Light is the invisible architect, shaping our experience of space. It dictates everything from mood and aesthetics to functionality and energy use.

Today, architects and designers are wielding this power more consciously than ever before, embracing sustainable lighting in architecture. This approach weaves stunning design with energy-efficient solutions, resulting in spaces that are as beautiful on the eye as they are gentle on the environment.

Sustainable lighting in architecture is an important consideration for many interior designers, architects, and professionals in the design community, looking to reduce a building’s environmental impact and operating costs for clients.

Let’s talk about how sustainable architectural lighting can enhance your projects while minimising the environmental footprint.

Let’s Talk Sustainable Lighting in Architecture.

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Sustainable Architectural LED Lighting

One of our biggest influences when it comes to sustainable architectural lighting involves using LED lighting technology as opposed to more traditional light bulbs e.g. intumescent. This is because the core focus of sustainable lighting is to lower energy consumption and waste reduction.

LED bulbs use around 75% less energy than traditional or incandescent lightbulb to emit the same amount of light. This is because diode light has more power efficiency than a traditional filament light. When operating at lower power levels the 75% difference increases even further.

They also last far longer than other bulb types meaning they need to be replaced less often, thus reducing waste and a project’s carbon footprint, and contributing positively to the Circular Economy.

Lighting controls are also a sustainable factor in lighting schemes as they help to reduce energy consumption and the impact of a building on the environment. These give you more control over the amount of lighting you require, and reduces ongoing costs. For example, our Volans Premium Warm-Dimming light – a 10mm wide flexible LED strip light that produces 1800K – 3000K warm dim lighting tones. can be integrated with DALI lighting control systems, making it a firm favourite with interior designers and architects.

By installing sensors, timers and dimmers that can be controlled remotely by users, the amount of lighting used in a building is reduced. This conserves energy and saves money. A smart lighting system also reduces glare and offers a more comfortable experience for those using the space.

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Our Sustainable Lighting Responsibility

Here at Detail lighting we are advocates of re-using lighting fixtures wherever possible and have a ‘Repair, Why Replace? policy.

Our ‘Repair, why Replace?’ solution supports sustainability in construction and design. Our products are designed to be serviced, upgraded, reused and refurbished. We hold a lifetime responsibility for supporting our products and reducing waste. By upgrading light fixtures we produce less carbon emissions.

We offer this service to all brands of products, when we can first evaluate the potential to repair.

For More Information About Repair, Why Replace

Sustainable Architectural Lighting Projects

From the sleek lines of global car showrooms like KIA and Mercedes-Benz to the inviting ambience of the 100 Shoreditch Hotel, our sustainable lighting solutions have brought these spaces to life.

We have extended our expertise to a variety of commercial ventures, including spas, gyms, and residential developments, demonstrating the versatility and impact of sustainable lighting across different environments.

You can look deeper into some of these projects, highlighting the specific challenges and solutions we implemented. Discover how sustainable lighting can elevate design, enhance user experience, and contribute to a greener future.

KIA showroom Lighting



Where is the list of sustainable lighting products?

Please visit here to view our range of lighting products.

How do you guarantee sustainability with your lighting products?

Sustainable lighting offers a wide range of colour temperatures, beam patterns, and control options. This allows architects and designers to create the desired mood and atmosphere while still prioritising energy efficiency.

Do your lighting products have a guarantee?

Many of our sustainable lighting products boast a longer lifespan compared to traditional options, reducing maintenance costs and waste.

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