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Sustainable lighting interior design

Sustainable lighting in interior design is now a fundamental consideration for design professionals looking to transform a building’s lighting while reducing its environmental impact.

Lighting consumes a significant amount of energy within a building, and inefficient lighting further compounds to high energy bills and levels of carbon emissions.

However, here at Detail Lighting we are advocates of adopting more sustainable lighting designs into architectural spaces. This is through our repair, why replace?’ policy where our lighting products are designed to be re-used and refurbished, as well as easily serviced and upgraded.

By harnessing the power of natural light, reducing energy consumption, and carefully selecting eco-friendly lighting fixtures, we can create functional, aesthetic, and sustainable lighting environments.

Sustainable lighting interior design

Sustainable lighting interior design - overview

Sustainable lighting design focuses on specific factors when planning and creating beautiful interiors. These factors include energy consumption, durability and interior comfort:

  • Efficient and reduced energy use is at the heart of sustainable lighting design
  • Durable artificial lighting fixtures with longer life ratings minimise disposal and need for replacement.
  • By minimising glare, directing natural light and boosting productivity, lighting design creates essential interior comfort that is sustainable.

Benefits of sustainable lighting design

The benefits of sustainable lighting design include:

Reduced energy consumption is achieved through the use of energy efficient lighting and fixtures, and optimising lighting levels. This reduces costs as well as a property’s carbon footprint, and protects finite resources.

Sustainable lighting offers longevity and durability so that the positive impact of each lighting fixture can be enjoyed for many years.

Eco friendly lighting sources do not contain harmful substances such as mercury which is not only bad for health, but also ends up in landfill.

Benefits of sustainable lighting design

Sustainable lighting principles for interior design

Maximising daylight is a primary lighting principle for interior design. Natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting and boosts mood and wellbeing.

LED lighting is the sustainable choice for interior lighting design. LED bulbs use far less energy than traditional bulbs and can save up to 80% on energy usage.

Smart controls such as apps, dimmer switches and sensors that reduce energy consumption are now central to sustainable lighting principles for interior design.

The colour and temperature of light should be determined by the function of the room and its purpose or purposes. Certain cool colours, for example greens, blues, and some greys, look washed out under warm light, and lose vibrancy. However cool colours make people appear washed out and pale.

We recommend that traditional interiors, residential and commercial, should be around 2700K to enhance the atmosphere and create a comfortable space. Sometimes, designers working on certain commercial projects e.g. retail spaces, opt for a more clinical appearance to highlight the products on show. In which case lighting levels around 4000K may be suitable.

Through the use of smart controls, the quality of light can be managed to accommodate different uses of the space and fluctuating levels of natural light. Here, commercial spaces require a tuneable light where the users can opt for cool light levels in summer and warmer light levels in winter.

LED lighting solutions

LED lighting solutions have transformed the landscape of sustainable lighting. By using significantly less energy, they offer a truly environmentally friendly alternative to traditional, incandescent lighting.

At Detail Lighting we only work with LED lighting solutions, including a range of linear LED lighting products and linear LED lighting profiles.

Repair why replace  – our sustainable lighting policy

The Detail Lighting ‘Repair Why Replace’ sustainable lighting policy promotes the refurbishment of existing lighting components rather than buying new. Upgrading a fixture produces fewer carbon emissions and waste than the manufacture of a replacement. All of our products are designed to be serviced, upgraded, reused and refurbished.

Sustainable lighting interior design projects

For an overview of our sustainable lighting interior designs, take a look at some of our recent projects which include both residential and commercial settings.

Why work with Detail Lighting for your sustainable lighting project?

Detail Lighting has extensive experience in collaborating with specifiers to achieve desired interior design outcomes. We work with architects, interior designers, property developers and contractors on projects of all sizes, providing advice and guidance wherever needed.


Can you help me with where to position lights on walls, ceilings and floors?

Yes. Feel free to get in touch or take a look at our free De-mystifying Lighting Guide.

Where can I see your list of sustainable lighting products?

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Do you provide lighting interior design services for both domestic and commercial projects?

Yes. While they may look very different, we apply the same sustainable lighting design principles.

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