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Sustainable lighting

Specifiers such as interior designers, architects and lighting designers, are increasingly aware of the impact of sustainable lighting on the environment and therefore understand the value of incorporating sustainable lighting elements in their projects.

Here at Detail Lighting, we are advocates of adopting more sustainable lighting designs into architectural spaces. Our Repair why Replace policy focuses on refurbishing lighting fixtures, rather than simply replacing them.

It is a carbon win that adds green credentials to any lighting project, as there are significantly less new emissions involved in repairing/upgrading, as opposed to sourcing and installing new lighting products.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, “in the UK lighting makes up around 16% of total electrical use, accounting for 6% of a typical household’s energy bill”.

When we include commercial buildings, lighting uses around 20% of the electricity generated in the UK.

Sustainable lighting designs are central to reducing the use of electricity and slowing down climate change.

Sustainable lighting design is an important consideration for many interior designers, architects, and professionals in the design community, looking to transform a building’s lighting while reducing its environmental impact.

Sustainable lighting

Sustainable lighting design trends

  • LED lighting, which uses 85% less electricity than incandescent or CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps). Indeed, the manufacture of CFLs was banned in 2018.
  • Smart technology integration that give users control over their lighting. These have become standard in lighting design.
  • Design lighting schemes that maximise natural daylight.
  • The use of sustainable materials that have minimum impact on wildlife and the environment. These are now preferred over the likes of PVC and non-recyclable materials.
Designing lighting schemes for residential spaces

Best practices for sustainable lighting design

In both residential and commercial spaces an essential element of energy efficient lighting design is maximising natural daylight to reduce the need for artificial lighting. Lighting plans should be designed to enhance it.

Using durable lighting products with longer life ratings reduces the number of light fittings that are sent to landfill. Likewise, avoiding lighting products that contain harmful substances such as mercury minimises harm to the environment.

Choosing the best luminaires for each space enhances the sustainability of lighting design. Directional lighting, task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting can all be combined to create a sustainable lighting scheme that uses light only where and when it is required.

Smart technology such as sensors, timers, dimmers and apps influence sustainable lighting design. They give the user control and reduce unnecessary carbon emissions.

Popular lighting controls include DALI lighting controls, Casambi Bluetooth switches, 0-10v dimming, and regular mains dimmer switches.

Our team here at Detail Lighting works with designers and lighting specifiers integrating smart controls and dimmers to gain more control over the amount of lighting they require, and to reduce ongoing costs.

For example, our Volans Premium Warm-Dimming light – a 10mm wide flexible LED strip light that produces 1800K – 3000K warm dim lighting tones. can be integrated with DALI lighting control systems, making it a firm favourite with interior designers and architects.

It is important to note that not all LED bulbs are dimmable. As a specifier it is therefore important to check that the LED bulbs you intend to use for a project are dimmable. If dimmable LED lighting is being installed for existing LED light fittings, you should also check their compatibility with dimmer switches.

Sustainable lighting design principles

Sustainable lighting design products

Detail Lighting offers a range of lighting design products.

Our range of linear LED lighting is popular with architects and designers. As a lighting design product range, it offers great flexibility and can be dimmed using smart controls.

Likewise, low level lights and uplighting can be used to provide functional and design-led lighting, instead of general ambient lighting. And our wall lighting range offers sustainable functional lighting that is aesthetically on-trend.

Repair, why replace?  – our sustainable lighting policy

At Detail Lighting we promote our sustainable ‘repair, why replace?’ policy. We repair older lighting products rather than replace them, and encourage our customers to contact us when their lighting needs to be updated or repaired.

You can read more about our ‘repair, why replace?’ policy here.

Why work with Detail Lighting for your lighting project?

Detail Lighting have been at the centre of the evolution of lighting of the last few decades. We understand what is required for a lighting scheme to be truly sustainable in both commercial and residential settings. Get in touch to find out how we can help.


Can your lighting products be recycled?

Yes. We provide information on how our products should be safely recycled.

I need to upgrade my existing lighting design. Can you help?

Yes. Get in touch to discuss your project.

Sustainable lighting products

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