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The benefits of linear LED lighting

Linear LED Lighting is used extensively for office, education, retail and hospitality lighting.
Now a major player in architectural lighting, linear LED lighting provides the practicality of illuminating a large area from one extended unit. As specialists in the design and supply of LED lighting, Detail Lighting stock a range of Linear LED systems which are perfect for the lighting specification process.
LED lighting has been used in commercial spaces since the mid-1900s. It was in the 1990s that the concept of aligning LED lights in one extended unit was conceived, offering a welcome alternative to flickering and buzzing fluorescent tubes.
The refurbishment of old buildings often includes replacing these antiquated tubes with linear LED lighting.
linear lighting in an open plan setting

Architectural LED strip lights

linear lighting in an open plan space

Architectural LED strip lights allow lighting designers and design professionals to create the perfect lighting levels within a space. The strips of LED lights provide a continuous line of light that illuminates and enhances an area.
Their practical and aesthetic benefits mean they are increasingly specified into many commercial, hospitality, and also residential properties.
Whether you are looking to specify recessed linear lighting, suspended linear lighting or pendant linear lighting, you will benefit from an aesthetically on-point lighting unit with the practical benefits of the LED technology.
You have the option for designing light that is recessed and hidden from sight, or more of a statement or decorative feature in pendant or suspended linear LED lighting.
We recently designed and supplied a combination of architectural LED lighting options for a central London kitchen showroom – Kitchens by Holloways.
It features our Cortes 48v mini track lighting above kitchen island displays, as well as the Volans trimless LED linear lighting recessed to ceiling areas to provide stunning ambient lighting.
All controlled with blue-tooth scene setting from a phone or tablet.

linear lighting in the kitchen

Benefits of Linear LED Lighting

There are several reasons why linear LED lighting is the choice of many architectural light designs.
Energy efficiency – linear LED lighting is extremely efficient to run due to its low energy usage.
Allows architectural lighting effects, highlighting architectural details. Striking lines. Interesting and creative solutions. Built into architectural details. Low heat and safe to use. Can be glare free source. Linear rather than directional.
Cost efficiency – low energy usage means low running costs. Linear LED lighting also lasts longer than fluorescent tubes which means that over time the cost of replacing linear LED lighting is much lower.
Directional light – linear LED lighting provides directional light, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light within a fixture, thereby decreasing the energy efficiency.
Versatility – when it comes to architectural lighting designs, linear LED lighting offers great versatility for creating innovative, eye-catching effects, as it can be shaped to create bespoke angles and curves.
Dimmable – quality LED lighting can be dimmed which helps to avoid over-lighting. This also saves costs.
Variable colour temperature – measured in Kelvins, the colour temperature determines the shade of white to be beamed, from warm white to cool white. Colour temperatures are used to create mood and atmosphere which is particularly useful in hospitality lighting.
No strike delay – linear LED lighting turns on to full brightness almost instantly, even when cold.
Durability – LED lighting is less likely to break due to impact or heavy vibrations because of the lack of filaments or glass bulbs.

linear led lighting for gyms

Types of linear LED lighting

The three main types of linear LED lighting are recessed, pendant and surface mounted. Recessed linear LED lighting – recessed into ceilings and walls. For interior lighting projects which focus heavily on aesthetics and minimal impact on an area. The recessed lighting units provide clean, ‘invisible’ light sources that blend seamlessly into the ceiling or wall surface.

the benefits of linear led lighting in the bedroom

Pendant linear LED lighting – uses suspension wires to hang from a ceiling, ideal for accent lighting in stairways, atriums and over displays or reception desks. Most suited to interiors with generous ceiling height. Pendant LED lighting is currently on trend and features in residential, commercial and hospitality spaces throughout the UK. The decorative light designs mean these lights are more of a statement piece within an interior, drawing more attention to the light in terms of interior design.

the benefits of linear led lighting in the office space

The Danny Max 85 LED lighting track is a popular option among interior designers and architects, particularly in commercial and retail spaces. The contemporary styling adds value within the interior spaces while providing a high lumen output for display lighting including a wall-washing option.
Linear LED surface mounted lighting – wall or ceiling mounted. Ideal for hospitality lighting and anywhere with ceilings that are too low to house pendant LEDs.
LED linear lighting are a widely used lighting feature in commercial interior design. However due to technological advancements it has evolved to suit more residential spaces now, and is commonly specified on many home properties across the UK.
The Linear Volans LED lighting is a popular choice with interior designers and specifiers. It is an elegant, robust LED strip lighting that emits an energy-efficient light source to create a stylish source of task lighting.

the benefits of linear led lighting in retail

Popular LED lighting options are below for you to consider.

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