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Solution finding, help and advice at the heart of Detail Lighting

Lighting design plays such an important role in the success of any interior or exterior space. Whether a commercial or residential setting, mood, task lighting or purely for design purposes, it’s essential the lighting fulfils its brief to enable the space to work perfectly for its intended purpose. So, with such an important role in the success of a space it makes sense to work with a lighting specialist who understands every aspect of lighting design.

Detail Lighting is a business focussed on customer interaction and providing lighting solutions that perfectly suit the client’s needs. The team of 14 at Detail Lighting possess a wealth of experience in lighting design and have worked on projects across industries at every stage of the build process. With years of experience in the design, specification, and supply of lighting solutions to draw upon, the team at Detail are well placed to provide help and advice at every stage of your project. The team are large enough to deliver and small enough to care.

At the helm of Detail Lighting is Piero De Marchis, Managing Director with over 25 years’ experience in lighting design. Piero and his team are focussed on providing technical help and design support, which can be reviewing designers plans, providing technical and expert consultancy or helping the client develop new ideas.

Piero De Marchis, Managing Director comments:

“We enjoy solving problems and we’re happy to talk directly with clients about their project. We regularly get asked questions such as ‘Should I use this product or that one’ or ‘How would I light x’, so feel free to contact us …what can I say, we love lighting and engaging with clients!”

One size doesn’t always fit all

Detail Lighting will always aim to provide the most effective solution using readily available products, to maximise cost effectiveness and minimise timescales.

However, the off the shelf solution isn’t always the best solution.

Detail Lighting are specialists at creating bespoke lighting solutions to fit the clients’ exacting needs. Modifications or ‘specials’ as they are often referred to are commonplace at Detail Lighting, the business has built up a great reputation for providing tailored lighting solutions that don’t cost the earth!

Piero De Marchis, Managing Director comments:

“The term bespoke can sometimes be met with a cold shiver from the client, as it can mean ‘expensive’ to some people.  At Detail bespoke means finding the perfect solution for a project, whether completely bespoke or a modification of an existing product.

Yes, it’s likely to cost more than an off the shelf product, but with a bespoke solution you receive something that meets all your requirements. In other words, you get exactly what you need. Which in the long term is highly likely to bring cost savings, improved functionality and satisfaction.”

Design or Install Stage ‘The Devil is in the Detail’ 

Detail lighting has office and field-based engineers available for every stage of your project, so whether you are an Architect, designer, developer specifying a lighting solution or a contractor or installer on site, Detail has the experience and understanding of the whole project cycle.

Can we help?

For a no-obligation chat about the Cortes 48V track system, please contact us using our online form, by email at, or by calling 01908 613256.